West Ham v Brentford . Friday 30th December 19.45 GMT.

Really need 3 points from this one and a half decent performance to keep the fans onside.


  • Just got a brand new West ham shirt today ,Should have been here before yesterday .So will wear that on friday to bring us 3 points
  • We'll be lucky not to get a thrashing :-(
  • I'm sure Toney has already checked what the odds are on him scoring against us are. Or has he ;)
  • Not on TV in the UK so hopefully there will be a stream somewhere.
    I thought Coufal did well first half against Arsenal,so;
    Coufal Dawson Aguerd Emerson
    Fornals Rice Paqueta
    Bowen Antonio Benrahma
  • Bryan Mbeumo scored the first goal in both games last season, we definitely need to break that streak.

    He managed to collect four yellows in the last four games, all between the 70th and 80th minute.

    Mbeumo is also the most subbed player in the Premier League this season, 14 times in 16 games, hasn't stayed on the pitch for the full 90 mins since August.

    He's one of only four players to start all 16 games for Brentford, Mathias Jensen is another and he's been subbed off 12 times (joint second in the PL with Fulham's Andreas Pereira)

    Thomas Frank certainly likes to change things around, he's like an anti-Moyesiah
  • Happy to see that team Sledge but I’d prefer Johnson over Coufal. I’m personally pretty convinced now that Johnson is our best RB currently. Limited in attack but all our options are.
  • Not convinced anyone is the best in their position other than Rice and Bowen, so many players that are inconsistent

    Waht I do know is Moyes has to mix it up, we only look like scoring from a set piece at present and we can't keep the goals out.... something has to give
  • Don’t we have like the 6th best defence in the league?
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    alderz said:

    Don’t we have like the 6th best defence in the league?

    Looking at the table, just based on goals scored and conceded (ignoring games played) we've currently got the 7th best defence and the 4th worst "attack".

    Only 13 goals scored in 16 games is where the real problem lies, although obviously part of that comes from setting up so defensively to ensure our defensive stats aren't too bad; it's the Moyes way.
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    Both Aguerd & Scamacca training. Moyes will get them involved tomorrow ‘if he can’. Looks like bench at best.
  • Fabianski
    Kehrer - Dawson - Cresswell
    Coufal - Fornals - Rice - Paqueta - Emerson
  • Hamstew said:


    Beat me to it. =)
  • What happens after a draw
  • We lose after extra time and penalties?
  • Scamacca - "has done a little bit of training so we'll see how he is. He's lacking a bit of match fitness, which would be my biggest worry."

    Aguerd - "still coming back from illness but we're trying to build him back up. If I can get him involved I will but I don't think he's quite ready."

    He doesn't look too worried...

  • He doesn't look too worried...

    He ought to, he's obviously not taking this job seriously. =)
  • It's hard to fathom, we finished 7th last season and got to the semi final of the Europa league. We take that squad and add a Brazilian first eleven midfielder, An Italy first eleven striker and German centre back, not to mention an Algerian International and up and coming DM from the championship, and yet we find it hard to win a match in the Premiership now. Whatever it is we need really turn it around in the next few matches or we may be in a real scrap by the end of January.
  • Risking the wrath of slacker, but we need to adopt the mentality and awareness that we are already in a real scrap, right here, right now, at the end of December
  • not to mention an Algerian International

    Think you mean Moroccan, Benrahma is our Algerian international

    Maybe we brought in too many players this summer and its disrupted the team spirit

    My real worry is Bowen. 3 goals and 5 assists after 16 games last season), 2 goals and no assists after 16 games this season. His performance earned him an England call up, where did that Jarrod Bowen go?
  • Risking the wrath of slacker, but we need to adopt the mentality and awareness that we are already in a real scrap, right here, right now, at the end of December

    I'm certain that we would not be in this position had Mrs Slacker paid more attention to which mug was used for his morning beverage =)
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    I agree that this is a reset game. Arsenal away was always a horrible game to return to when you’ve just had a mid-season refresh. We did ok for a half.

    Brentford are a tough one, we’ve not yet beat them since promotion (only two games). They are very hit & miss. Can lose 5-1 or win 4-0.

    Talking has to stop. We need performances from the likes of Rice, Bowen, Benrahma, Paqueta to get us 3 points. Not another game where they all get interviewed talking about possible tides turning.

    I think this is a good chance to get some other players involved. I don’t think we’re far away from seeing a midfield that doesn’t include Soucek.
  • Lukerz said:

    I don’t think we’re far away from seeing a midfield that doesn’t include Soucek.

    I don't think that's the case personally.
  • We’ve turned into a squad of Canutes as they’re all talking about the tide turning. Trouble is it won’t turn on its own.
  • Fabianski
    Coufal Dawson Kehrer Cresswell
    Rice Soucek
    Bowen Paqueta Fornals

    That's what I expect the team to be tonight
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    Trouble is it won’t turn on its own.

    Do we need to start worshiping the moon then? 🤔🤔🤔😂🤣😂
  • Just as the oceans’ tides need the moon to change them, our results need the players to change them. It won’t happen otherwise.
  • We have lost so many games in 2022 and delivered so many poor performances that I now dread every game. Newly recruited players, other than Downes, have hardly delivered and our game is so predictable. Hope this game marks the beginning of a new era, but I am not confident that we will bounce back if concede a goal earlier on.
  • 3-1 loss. We might do a bit of huffing and puffing but in the end we'll lose. Of course Negative Dave might surprise us with a different way of playing but I'm not going to hold my breath.
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