Opening games of the season (non West Ham)

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Fulham vs Liverpool

32 minute - I hate this season
64th minute - We're gonna win the league
72nd minute - Soft pen + dive, I hate this season
80th minute - Mo Salah, Mo Salah! Running down the wing
94th minute - Woodwork clangs! We're gonna lose the league!


  • Or, as I posted elsewhere:

    Loving it, Liverpool drop 2 points at Fulham 😊😊😊
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    Pleased you felt the need to duplicate that 'loving it' :(

    #Cwying over you
  • I find something about JWP quite meh and boring. But on the plus side Spurs just let in sloppy one
  • Well, you did open a specific thread, as my comment wasn't moved over it seemed the reasonable thing to do.
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    At least we can both be happy that Spurs are losing at home to Soton, right?
  • Walker Peters looks like about 12 years old. However, he looks positively old compared to Carvalho of Liverpool who is only 8!
  • Spurs equalise 😭😭😭
  • Bournemouth take the lead. Do they not realize I said they'd be relegated by Xmas (this will not be an easy task with the world cup break this season)
  • I fear for Notts Forest, looks like it could be along season for them, giving the ball away cheaply and seem bereft of any idea going forward, not sure how it is still 0-0 at half time, making the Toon look good

    Ho hum
  • Embarrassing OG by Salisu
  • Forest look awful
  • Hamstew said:

    Forest look awful

    Because they are
  • Got to laugh at Villa.
  • Watched the Fulham game and whilst I took great delight at Liverpool dropping points, what was more impressive was how Fulham fully deserved their point - although the penalty was harsh if I am being honest with myself
  • Jesse must be wondering what he was thinking, NF are simply woeful, at 85 mins it is only 2-0 but frankly Newcastle should have had a hatful
  • Opening weekend always throws up odd results. Don’t believe Leeds, Fulham & Bournemouth are going to be competitive based on todays games.
  • So there's a few weeks to go before the transfer window closes. Perhaps we should bid for that Forest chap? Lingard's the name. Seems like, umm forget it. I am already irritated with myself for having this in my head
  • Oh well. Guessed 5 goals at spuds just wrong order dratt
  • Hamstew said:

    Forest look awful

    They are at home next Sunday on Sky to put that right v ……? 😬

  • Newly promoted teams usually get a lot of points early and run out of gas

    Forest have basically bought a whole new XI, going to take them ages to gel and even when they do gel I don't think they're actually going to be any good
  • Chelsea shamelessly time wasting - only a goal up but totally unnecessary as they are clearly the better team.

    Settling for the 0-1 win is frustrating
  • Chelsea shamelessly time wasting - only a goal up but totally unnecessary as they are clearly the better team.

    Settling for the 0-1 win is frustrating

    Don't really agree with this
    Already seen today that results at the start of the season can be tricky

    They're away from home, with a team that's has had BIG changes over the summer

    Take the points day 1, nice and easy....don't wanna be conceeding a late equaliser from a corner etc. In a game they deserved to win (without looking great)
  • Leicester have given Danny Ward the #1 shirt. Seems a bit risky to not replace Schmeichel at all?
  • Good for FF at 4.0 tho πŸ˜‚
  • Wondering what sort of difference in quality there is? He's my FF GK purely for the saving of 0.5M and I doubt his final score will be that far behind the expensive GKs
  • Brighton leading at Old Trafford.
  • Leicester winning too
  • Man Utd losing

  • Gross double
    Well it’s not gross tbf, it’s glorious
  • Gross lack of celebration for his second haha
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