The misses and I have found something we can watch togtether.....the Ladies Euro adventure, bonus for me, it stopped her watching soap diatribe, all I have to do now is purge her of Vera and get her focused on HALO



  • Yeah looking forward to this one.
  • Come on you Lionesses!!!
  • Alexandra Popp injured in the warm up. Could make job a little easier, hopefully, fingers crossed.
  • Why does the women commentators think their mouths have to be going non stop.
  • They are a bit dirty the Germans.
  • Germany are very physical
  • At last the ref has seen the Germans being dirty and found her yellow cards.
  • Games gone scrappy
  • What a finish for the goal, btw
  • Both goals
  • I don’t recall the German keeper making a save.
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    Feel like it's slipping away
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    Well down 👏👏👏

    It's finally come home 😊
  • Wonderful stuff!!🎉🎉🎉
  • Well done girls. I thought Chloe Kelly was going to get carried away with her celebration hahaha
  • I really love Serina Weigman, what a coach. I love the way she comes across.
  • As well as Beth Mead played throughout the tournament, my player of the tournament would definitely have been Leah Williamson, although, in truth, you could make a case for quite a few.
  • I remember watching Millie Bright a couple of tournaments ago and thinking she's ok but she could be better. Watched the first game against Austria and she looked a thousand times better. All in all, I thought all of them were great and played like a proper team with no fear. Southgate should take note and remove some of the shackles for the World Cup.
  • Same, Bright was awful last tournament. Although today wasn't her best imo she's been strong throughout
  • good fun, well done Lionesses
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    I hadn't watched any of the tournament but .just now catching up on recent news etc after being away. It struck me how white that squad is.
  • MrsG, The BBC made a point of querying how the team didn’t reflect diversity and they got a lot of criticism for saying it. I would like to think the squad is picked on ability & mentality?
  • You would think so, they did lift a trophy after all.
  • I think the argument / debate was based on opportunity, or lack thereof.
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    If the squad was almost non white and it was queried, you'd be called a racist for asking the question. Also you'd get racist people saying racist things because the squad was non white.

    I believe the squad was based on ability and was proven because they won the Euros.
  • I don't think anybody is disputing that the squad is picked on ability, obviously that's the case. The conversation point, as Herb points out, is one of opportunity.
  • Racists will be racists whatever the make up of the team.
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    The opportunity is there. There are plenty of black players in the WSL but not all of them are English. The team at the last euros/World Cup had at least 2 black people in it and they were both part of the commentary team. As with most sports teams, if they’re good enough they’ll be in it. This new coach is a pragmatist and picks what she thinks is the best squad/team for the job. Given that she’s never lost it seems to work.
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