lens on live stream this evening ko 5.15pm

its free, on the whufc.com,just found out, apologies if already on here


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    No Antonio or Scamacca in the team
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    And no Diop, Ogbonna or Cresswell.
  • Only eight subs named. No CBs on the bench. So either Dawson will have to play the full 90, or Johnson or Rice will at some point play CB.

    Not ideal preparation, this.
  • Where on the website is it please?
  • Where on the website is it please?

    Found it "Away at RCL(shield)"
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    No doubt I'll get grief for saying this, but I'm none too pleased with where we're at at the moment.

    I don't need anyone to tell me that there's five weeks of the window left, or that pre-season is only for fitness. We're a week away from the start of the season and our first eleven today is actually worse than we finished last season.

    Yes, Scamacca hasn't travelled, and yes, Aguerd is injured, but how are we playing Masuaku a week from City? How can we only name eight subs?

    Diop's been training so the fact he’s not even on the bench suggests he's on his way out. Ogbonna is clearly struggling for fitness. Dawson hasn't trained for weeks but has to play the majority of this one.

    Just feels like we've been very slow in addressing the problems in the squad, and anyone that might come in in the next week won't start against City, so in all liklihood we'll go into that game with no improvements in our first eleven.
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    What is that team selection? Season starts in a week? Where’s Ogbonna, Cresswell, Antonio?

    Final pre-season game you play your 11 who will start against City, so this looks like it. Is he resting Cresswell/Antonio as our only options? Scamacca is obviously being allowed a pre-season.
  • Oko-Flex can't even make the bench. When we have no other wingers available. And Masuaku starting.

    Clearly not going to feature under Moyes, unless he's another one with an injury.
  • maybe a point to the board to get some of those other deals over the line
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    What is this 11?

    Is it

    Coufal - Zouma - Dawson - Johnson
    Soucek - Rice
    Fornals - Benrahma - Masuaku

    Cresswell & Antonio in next week & this is the 11 for City.

    Or is it

    Coufal/Johnson - Zouma - Dawson
    Coufal/Johnson - Soucek - Rice - Masuaku
    Fornals - Bowen - Benrahma
  • My first thought was it is your 4-2-3-1 formation, but a 3-4-3 looks possible too. Hope that helps 😂🤣😂
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    OCS, Regarding the subs it’s the West Ham way you should see the number of, or the lack of, that the Womens team name on numerous occasions. We don’t appear to want large squads?
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    It could also be Masuaku at LB & Johnson at RW, Fornals behind Bowen & Benrahma wide left.
  • Loss...........
  • Lukerz said:

    If could also be Masuaku at LB


  • Diop must be on the way out.
  • It looks like

    Dawson - Zouma - Johnson
    Coufal - Soucek - Rice - Masuaku
    Bowen - Fornals - Benrahma

    Fornals as a false 9
  • Looks like 3 at the back with how they lined up at kick off
  • Fornals as the CF/false 9, Bowen on the right to begin with
  • Johnson at LCB in the 3, Dawson on the right, Zouma in the middle.
  • have we scored yet
  • Anyone else's feed absolutely dreadful?
  • Stream’s pretty bad
  • Anyone else's feed absolutely dreadful?

    Yeah, was about to ask the same thing.
  • Yeah I’ve turned off
  • It's awful. Unwatchable
  • Ogbonna played 90 mins for the U21s today 👍
  • Anyone have a link or is it not worth it
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    I've found a French channel on You Tube that are showing it

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