Olympic Games 202(1)

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So, there have been a few things, sport-wise so far, but official start is on Friday.

Plus controversy re taking the knee.

And some issues pandemic related.

Talk about it all here.

What are you going to be watching or looking out for? I am an athletics fan, and like to watch a bit of gymnastics. Occasionally, rowing... Bit of cycling. That's it, really.

And will keep an eye on Winston Reid! Coyi



  • I wish them all well but will particularly be cheering on Dina Asher-Smith.
  • Athletics, Swimming, Cycling, Football, Rowing. I’ll watch most sports if I am honest if time permits.
  • Thought Winston was superb in an upset win last night. He probably lacks the pace to foot it in the PL now but his ability to read a game, marshall the defence , and command the air is as good as ever. He still puts is body on the line and still gets injured for doing so. Last night had to go off and be bandaged for a head wound caused by teammate Chris Wood , comes back on and his first touch is defensive header. The gutsiest Hammer since Bonzo.
  • Winston v Soucek B)
  • Ginger Pele must rank as one of the gutsiest recent players IMO too.
  • I’m not really motivated by the Olympic this year. Part of me thinks it’s insane holding them, as do most Japanese. I will be rooting for Sky Brown though. Just turned thirteen. Brilliant!!
  • The competitors in the skateboarding are all so young. Amazing!

    I think one of the reasons I have not really got into the Olympics is the time difference. Doesn't really work for casual watching.
  • I've been uninspired since it became obvious that performance-enhancing drugs are being commonly used. How many medals have been retrospectively cancelled? The process of awarding venues is also massively corrupt. I'm waiting for Speed Texting to become an Olympic sport...
  • Given the reason the games has gone ahead is to keep the corporate sponsors happy (imho) and athletes have given their all to attend only to catch COVID and cannot compete, I find it somewhat shallow as an event, not helped by the extreme heat.
  • Extreme heat? They’ve had 5 years to prepare so that should not be an excuse.
  • IronHerb said:

    Extreme heat? They’ve had 5 years to prepare so that should not be an excuse.

    they have had to rearrange events due to it and add breaks
  • IronHerb said:

    Extreme heat? They’ve had 5 years to prepare so that should not be an excuse.

    Just wait till the World Cup next year! They’ve had at least 5 years as well, so I’m sure the heat won’t be a problem. 🤪
  • This ROC thing is a bit of a farce isn't it.
  • MrsGrey said:

    This ROC thing is a bit of a farce isn't it.

    I was just thinking this. I haven’t followed the developments - thought they were banned - but what difference does calling them ROC make
  • Medals don't go on Russia's record. Don't play the national anthem at the medals ceremony.
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    I was watching a bit of gymnastics with my lunch, somewhat amazing strength and skill on display. Although I've no idea what I'm actually watching - the pundits seem very excited!

    Now taekwondo. Baffling. But a very nice taekwondo man in the studio attempting to enlighten me.

    Now I remember why I love watching the Games.
  • Ooh they have VAR.
  • My son's a black belt in Taekwondo, so we don't argue too much anymore
  • The reactions on this table tennis match between China and Japan are insane.
  • A bit like England v Scotland, I'm guessing hahaha
  • Great performance there by Max Whitlock.
  • 🏅 presented on trays... How tempting is it for the bronze medallist to nick the gold?
  • That women’s triple jump WR was insane. The jump looked so odd but she smashed it. Also great scenes when they shared the high jump gold.
  • Yes, she has such an awkward technique. And the high jump gold conversation was so funny. Is that the first time ever a gold has been shared?
  • I just watched Jonathan Edwards longest ever triple jump jump of 18:43 from 1995. Unfortunately the wind speed was 2.4 so wasn't allowed but what a jump.
  • I remember matching Edwards numbers (but in feet) at school a long time ago. I won the school event as I was the only one who actually managed a legal jump - I still don’t know how =)
  • I tried the pole vault at school because nobody else fancied it. The pole was so heavy like a scaffold pole that I had to hold it half way down and I managed to reach 3 feet. As I could do 3 ft 6 ins in the high jump I gave it up.
    I don’t think my school had a pole vaulter whilst I was there but with the bendy things they use these days which catapult you over I expect loads of kids want to have a go.
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