The WHU606 predictor game - 2021/22

Okey Cokey, having managed to get the software buzzing for the Euro 2020 thingummy, which was based on the code for the original predictor game ................... who's up for the challenge again.

Just leave your name here and it shall happen.



  • Yes please
  • I’m in please
  • Yes please , thanks.
  • That’s a yes please from me
  • Yes please....Many thanks Expat...
  • Yes please
  • I'm really getting into this predictions business. Already better than Lawro! Count me in please...
  • I'm in, please.
  • So few??? .., Expat has gone out of his way to do this….. As Delia would say “let’s be having you “……,✊
  • Do you want me to see if I can find a list of previous players?

    (I know some were not site members, so I'm assuming they will be ruled out, but there might be folks who are not regulars any more but would still like to take part. )
  • Mrs Grey 👋
    Just thought more would have signed up….
    As said , Expat has made a big effort to restart it…🙏 Expat must be the one to decide whether it’s worth his time and effort or scrap it…
    Years ago a company I worked at did a simpler version where we predicted the table and places, meaning people only had to predict that b4 season and whoever had the closest won , with monthly updates…

    Perhaps Expat could look at that if he feels there’s not enough interest to do the old style competition, but whatever he thinks and wants is fine with me 👍🏻👋🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇿🇦
  • I know I’m late to the party, but I’d like to join if Expat is still planning on doing this for the new season.
  • We have 9 players, I'd really like about 14 ............. or more of course =)
  • edited July 19
    expat, a couple of people who posted in your 'trying out the software' thread, but not yet on here, might be assumed to be interested... or maybe they think that by posting there they are already 'signed up'? Worth a PM?

    AceofClubs, ThamesIronWorks, BroSledge
  • Good spot Mrs G, I shall accept them as entrants =)
  • Expat , Very happy to make up the numbers but not sure what I have to do
  • Expat , Very happy to make up the numbers but not sure what I have to do

    All will be explained a little down the line
  • Sorry, yes, intermittent visitor. I'll join in again
  • Come along folks, you know that you want to. Sign up here for a season of fun and frolicks.
  • Expat, did you get the PM I sent you?
  • Expat, did you get the PM I sent you?

    Yes, thank you
  • Expat, I am willing to give it a go.
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