Other Pl matches this weekend 12 -15 March

Starting tonight, Newcastle v Villa. Two injury-ravaged teams. You wouldn't bet the farm on a goalfest.


  • Between a rock and a hard place here .Dont want Villa to win .On the other hand Would love Fulham to catch Newcastle.So guess i will do what i always do in games like this .Open a nice bottle of Red
  • And now a second bottle of Red .Is this a football game or a new Sleeping pill =)
  • “90+3 mins
    Newcastle 0-1 Aston Villa
    SO CLOSE for Newcastle, but Martin Dubravka somehow keeps out Joelinton's attempt.”

  • 1-1
    Dross teams
  • Could do with a Leeds win 👀
  • So nice to be watching Chelsea games and hoping they lose because we're neck and neck in the table.

    Rather than just hoping they lose because they're Chelsea.
  • This Leeds pitch looks a bit Bare..
  • edited March 13
    Still flabbergasted as to how Palace survive season after season quite comfortably. Such a naff set of players. And my shed is in better condition than their stadium
  • I wonder what possessed Big Sam to take the WBA job.
  • Money ,Money ,Money
  • Everton losing at home to Burnley. We are so Barcelona-bound.
  • What may be of a slight concern is Chelsea have the 5th best away record, Everton the fourth & Leicester the best and they have all got to come & play us at the London Stadium before the end of the season. 😬
  • We have the second best home record, I believe, so not that worried myself.
  • Long may it stay that way Jorderz. 🙏
  • Everton won’t finish top four as they only turn up against the better sides, they are often poor against anybody in the bottom half
  • Everton are ok at the back and up top but their midfield is pretty non existent.
  • Lukerz said:

    Everton won’t finish top four as they only turn up against the better sides, they are often poor against anybody in the bottom half

    Remind you of anyone? Although thankfully not this season

  • steve said:

    Money ,Money ,Money

    That's quite catchy, I reckon you could write a song around that. ;) =)
  • Some good results so far, this weekend with the London Derby to come tomorrow. I guess a draw would be best as Arsenal can still reach the Europa places but maybe we can be bold and presume we have enough in hand over them already and hope Spurs drop all three points.

    To come away with something tomorrow must be the aim but if we didn't the results so far have been kind so little real damage done with Villa and Chelsea achieving a point in games you would have expected them to get three and Everton dropping three at home to Burnley.
  • Yep, some very good results for us so far, Villa, Chelsea and Everton only managing 2 points between them, would be nice if Spurs pick up no more than a point tomorrow. A point is always a good result at Old Trafford, especially to try and maintain some positivity before a very winnable game against Arsenal. A win would be fantastic, and it wouldn't be the end of the world to lose by one, but more than that would leave a bit of a sour taste in the mouth.
  • Burnley are a curious case for me. I always think of them as a dreadfully dire side. But every so often they are transformed and when this happens they convert this to a win. They’ve done it so often this way and as a result they always end up comfortable in mid table. Which must mean they can’t be dire at all 😂
  • I agree, I am watching the bottom as I would really like Parkers Fulham to stay up, sadly I have never felt Burnley would go down which means dragging Newcastle or Brighton into the relegation zone.
  • Didn't think Villa were in the European conversation, but at one point they had all these games in hand they looked like they had a chance

    But theyve dropped off without Grealish

    1 win and 3 goals in their last 6, think 9th is the highest they will get

    Everton dropping points is typical Everton, like Lukerz said they only arrive for the big games
  • We have a very hard run in of games though. Man U / Arsenal / Wolves / Leicester / Chelsea. Granted after we play those fixtures we will have played everyone in the top half. But thats 5 / 10 games against top half. and i Reckon to get Champs league you need to win around 7 / 10 games
  • To have any chance, we’re going to need another 20 points from our final 11 games. That’s going to be 6 wins.
  • All not well in the Arsenal camp, Aubemayang dropped due to a disciplinary issue. lets hope they drop him next week as well!
  • Oh dear, Lamela with a Rabona and nutmeg in one
  • Come on you Gooners
  • 1-1 but arsenal by far the better side
  • 2-1 Arsenal and Spurs down to 10
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