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I'm mid fifties and same age as my wife. I was brought up in Tooting and my wife in the Old Kent road. We we're talking about kids things....Jubblies, sweet tobacco and sweet cigarettes, ice poles, jamboree bags,wanting a chopper bike but parents couldn't afford one...... but to my amazement she was unaware of spud guns. So it got me wondering what do you remember,miss or think todays kids are missing out on?


  • Ice breaker chocolate bar
  • Jamboree bags
  • Tizer, Beano, Dandy.
    Seriously though, the most important thing IMO is the loss of being able to be a child, the innocence of childhood. Depressing. 😢
  • My dad carved me a rifle (almost 60 years ago) out of a piece of wood and it was the best toy ever. No expense, but lots of imagination.
  • Happy days lads, happy days. To Cuz, I don't remember ice breaker bars. So many sweets have come and gone over the years. I know we were smaller but I'm sure waggon wheels were bigger!
  • I have jubblies in my freezer now. The boy loves them.
  • I do missing my penny farthing.
  • Gosh so many things. Born in the early 70s

    A tv where you had to get up to change channel (choice of 3)

    Appliances in the house and gas boiler which were literally bullet proof and never went wrong

    I wanted a chopper too😢

    No wing mirror on the passenger side of cars

    Radio and tv times (which were only bought at Christmas time)

  • When I where a lad, kids tv added up to an hour a day. Tennis and football was played in the street, interrupted by the occasional car
  • P shooters and peg guns. I got hit in the eye with an elastic band from a peg gun, I thought was going to loose the sight from my right eye.
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    Jelly masters of the universe sweet

  • renting the TV monthly payments from radio rentals as buying one was out of the question
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    Renting our first colourTV. Texan chocolate bars. Finding old, discarded fizzy drink bottles so you could get the return deposit back - 5p was a lot of money in the 1970s!
  • Video shops. Loved them when I was a kid in the 80s and early 90s. My 2-year-old will grow up in a world of having every available on demand and will never know the joys of Blockbuster on a Friday night.
  • My first post-university job was in a video hire shop. God, it was depressing.
  • Going off in the school holidays to play football in the local park which was normally 15 a side, going home for some lunch & then returning to the match to carry on playing until tea time having played for hours on end. The X box and i phones have put a stop to that nowadays.
  • Toffos and the mixed flavoured ones
  • My first pay packet and I got a Sinclair spectrum, loading the tape up and playing a game with the amazing 32 bit processing power
  • Sherbet dib dabs
  • I saved up for months and got one of those games you plugged into the back of the TV and played a tennis type game. You know the one, a longer line each side of the screen knocking the blob back to each other.... what was it called?
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    Flying saucers , shrimps, Atari, Ceefax & Oracle 😂...
    That Christmas feeling.... and chestnuts ( can’t get them out here! )
  • Games in the street, chain tag, hide and seek, kick the tin, red light 1,2,3, catchy kiss (my favourite) football with jumpers for goal posts - the first team to score 20 wins. Happy days
  • Penny chews.
    No turn indicators on cars. You had to stick your hand out. I think straight out meant turn right and up meant left.
    Black and white tv.
  • A few more:
    Pineapple and Cola cubes..
    Nutty bars
    Bob a job week
    Milk floats “ Watch out watch out Humphrey’s about “
  • Some cars had tiny red bits of plastic that flicked out when you wanted to turn. Arms signalling was circles for left and up and down for slowing down. I miss gobstoppers.
  • My three older brothers had their first bike on their 11th birthday. Likewise I was 11 in October 1971 and my first bike was a blue chopper. Sledge and I were pretty much inseparable so he got an orange chopper when he was 9 in July 1972. When we weren't kicking a ball about we were on those bikes - happy days.
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    Seven penny banger fireworks for sixpence (That's two and a half pence these days)

    Yeah, real money where you had to think about it, farthings, half pennies, threepenny bits, tanners, two bobs and half crowns. Twelve pennies to a shilling, twenty shillings to a pound, twenty one for a guinea ............................. sigh

    The joys of finding a pre 1900 penny with Queen Victoria on it.

    A whole complete shilling for pocket money.
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    Not quite so kiddy, but ......... In the science labs at sixth form - washing a two pence piece in sulphuric acid, cleaning it down and leaving it in mercury for a few hours so it was nice and silver and shiny, using it as a 10p piece and buying ten No6 fags.
  • Cresta - ‘It’s frothy man’
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