WHU 606 - a decade

10 years of this wonderful site being up (though my 10 years hits in March officially) ! . :) =)

Username Yeoldhammer
Joined March 2011
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  • Username: alderz
    Joined: January 2011
    Visits: 11,264

    I’m surprised to learn I’ve come here less than half the times Yeold has, but there you go!
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    Username: yoyo
    Joined July 2011
    Visits 3065
    Many thanks to those who set it up and to all involved
  • Username ASLEFshrugged
    Joined January 2011
    Visits 9,144

    Comments 4.7k
    Made me laugh 1k

    Rather proud of that last one
  • Username: Baracks_a_hammer
    Joined: Jan 2011
    Visits: 13,498 (I thought I was here far too much, but then I’ve just seen Yeold’s numbers 😂 )
  • Username
    January 2011

    I remember when the old BBC606 site said it was closing down. I was gutted. Then the Greys stepped in. Forever grateful 👍
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    January 2011
    Cheers to the Grey's who set this up.
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    January 2011

    7271 visits and 348 laughs, you guys need to step the humour up a notch :)
  • Username IronHerb
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    January 2011

    I love this site. Long may it continue😍
  • Username: WHU_Champo_League_In_7_Years
    Joined: January 2011
    Visits: 9483

    So didn't win the champions league yet....but enjoyed every minute of it, fabulous community and thanks to the Greys for saving us after 606 went down
  • User name: CleverTrevor
    Joined : January 2011
    Visits : 10,009
  • Username: Thornburyiron
    Joined: January 2011
    Visits: 19044
  • Username.Steve
    Joined.Feb 2011
  • User name Pearce’s left foot
    Joined feb 2011
    Visits more than more boss would appreciate lol
  • I was here in the beginning but had to change my email address as I couldn't access my old one.
  • User name Fortuneseeker
    Joined February 2011
    Visits - 9769

    Many thanks to the Greys for finding a great platform to replace the BBC 606. I may have a difference of opinion in a few discussions but it always with West Ham in our hearts.

  • Joined: January 2011
    Visits: 9,793

    Echoing the eternal thanks to the Greys for setting up this wonderful forum and to all of you out there who make it worth visiting after 10 years.
  • User name Hammerwombat, previously Lorealman
    Joined January 2011
    I have the pleasure of being the first to sign up to whu606 after the demise of the BBC 606.
    My regards to all, past, present and future members.
    Coyi ⚒
  • Username Brother Sledge , joined January 2013 , Visits 3086
    Averages out about 7 times a week as opposed to Yeold's 'impressive' 7 times a day !
    Many thanks to the Greys.
  • Epsom bubbles joined Feb 2011, and visit site more often than mrs epsom bubbles approves of
  • Username: Jay_in_Cpt
    Joined : January 2011
    Visits: 16,172

    As said by many already, sincere gratitude goes to the Grey's for starting and continuing the best WHU forum around, and that's not IMO, it's FACT.
  • Giant hammer joined immediately after demise of 606 where I was Spanisheasthammer, morphed to Spanishhammer and then to GiantHammer on return to UK from Spain.
    Most involvement during the Sheffield Utd debacle where I quite often told their naughty supporters off.
    Read all the threads now but don’t comment that often.
    Thanks to the Greys for setting it up and to Mrs Grey for sticking with it during and after a most difficult time.
  • I didn't realise until I checked that I become a member so early.

    Username Whitehorsehammer
    Joined January 2011
    Visits 13,687

    Great respect and gratitude to The Greys for setting it up and and to all who participate, long may it continue.
  • It’s nice to see how many have us have stuck around for so long tbh. Also weird to have known you lot for longer than most of the people in my life these days 🤷🏻‍♂️
  • Username: ScotHammer (previously stars4hire)
    Also here since the 606 days, so many thanks to the Greys for setting this up and everyone else who have worked to keep this site going. Keeps us all sane(ish)!
  • Username: DJ Hammer
    Joined: January 2011
    Visits: 3144
  • Username: claretandbluesky
    Joined December 2014
    Visits 2,401
  • Username: Kuchinghammer aka Sarawakammer before that. Probably the last to log on due to time difference, so must have the record number of "I agree with " and "this made me laugh" entries! Thanks to all who keep the site running so smoothly =)
  • Username : Chicagohammer
    Joined : January 2011
    Visits : 5,582

    Proud to belong to such a forum, it has helped keep my relationship with WHU alive despite the distance and for that, I am truly thankful
  • alderz said:

    It’s nice to see how many have us have stuck around for so long tbh. Also weird to have known you lot for longer than most of the people in my life these days 🤷🏻‍♂️

    Now you are bragging about how young you are.. 😂
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