Apologies for the down time

massive server disasterYou should be able to use the site normally now

Massive shout of thanks toR_J - a Vanilla guru who gave his time to get us up and running.


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    grey, thought it was the end. 😔. Let me be the first to say how pleased we are that all is up and running again just in time for the restart. 😀

  • Great to have the site back, boy have I missed it. :(
  • Yeh...So nice to see site back up and running...Sending u best wishes to you and Mrs Grey, look after yoursleves, and I hope you are feeling better soon Mr G....
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    Same here as Fortune and Jay said.
    Is the recovery still in progress as the site is not as it was, or is it something at my end?
  • there is still work to do to get the site back as it was, RJ did the basics to get us running again
  • Grey, RJ, massive thumbs up.
  • Great job ,thanks to all
  • Bubbles, indeed I had no hope of getting it done without him
  • I thought it was just me for a day or so then I want on “down for everyone or just me” and it said the site was down and it wasnt me. That was after resetting my iPad and phone more than once.
  • Grey, just out of curiosity, was it hardware or software?
  • Software. UpdatedOS, but that didn't go so well...
  • Cheers Grey , I really missed it . I go on this site loads every day. :)
  • :O glad the site is back. :)
  • Well done and many thanks
  • I thought that was it and i would have to put up with the likes of C&H,Kumb and west ham till i die!.
    First of all i had nginx! who after googling them found out they were a web server then later it was vanilla.
    I have changed my original bookmark to this one as that comes up now as a blank page.the other thing i have noticed despite the different layout is that the site is now secure.
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    yes RJ added a security certificate.
    Id recommend people keep a copy of this link: https://twitter.com/whu606forum

    You don't have to join twitter, but in emergencies I can post information there

    there is always email whu6** @gmail.com
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    Thanks Grey B)
  • Thanks as always for your efforts to run the site.
  • My link is still showing as Not secure
  • tbh the secure or not secure is neither here nor there. the 'secure' shows if your site has a free certificate, but there is no criteria for getting the certificate afaik

    it depends on whether the link begins with https:// as to if the browser reports the site as secure.
  • Thanks for getting some sanity back in my life again lol
  • Grey, Mrs G, R_J well done, you're probably not thanked as often as you should be. Much appreciated
  • Echo your words yo-yo
  • Thank you Grey, Mrs Grey R_J.


  • Loving the “new” layout :)
  • DJ

    It's random and accidental...
  • It sure is that grey :)
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