Success criteria for the season 2019-20



  • What would you guys consider a good/bad season for 2019/20?
  • For me, a good season would be getting to 60 points, regardless of where we finish in the table (it would be easily good enough for top 10, anyway.) Given the random nature of the draws, I don't think it is useful to put 'cup run' in as a criterion.
  • Good:

    Positive GD. Top half finish. Never losing an individual match by > 2 goals (except v City + Liverpool).

    Bad: Still being at risk of relegation with 6 wks to go.

    I may revise this.

  • stay up beat the spuds, twice
  • Very Good - Top Six and/or wining a Cup.

    Good - Top Ten finish and having a decent cup run.

    Bad - Bottom half and losing early in both cup competitions.
  • Very Good - Positive goal difference
    Good - No threat of relegation through whole season
    Bad - Threat or actual relegation
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    Good - positive GD and 8th or above in the league plus none of our top players wanting to leave if 7th or 8th doesn’t achieve Europa

    Bad - being humiliated in either cup competition. Also starting badly and then somehow declaring it to be a decent season if we claw it back and finish around 10th
  • Top six for me ........................... I've put £10 @ 14/1 :biggrin:
  • 14-1 seems miserable odds, to me, Expat.
  • For me, a decent season for someone like us has to mean that we are comfortably mid table by year end with a realistic shot at a European place by seasons end.

    The league is a priority and I agree that the cups are a bit of a lottery, but I would like to see us take them really seriously.

    The last couple of years we have put out teams that may have looked strong enough on paper but on the day failed to perform.

    I know we will lose games but we are used to witnessing a number of performances that are unexpected horror shows, at the end of the season I want to look back and feel that we have largely eradicated those performances and that the team “turned up” irrespective of the opposition.

    All in all I am really looking forward to this season.

    Bring it on :cool:

  • Answering my question here but I'd class a good season as more points than we achieved last season (52).

    Even better if we get to the latter stages of the cup competitions, finish in a better league position than last season, and watch some really attractive football with the players we have at our disposal.
  • I'm looking forward to seeing Pelle's "delightful" football developing further in this the middle season of his three year contract. In the course of that development I would like to see us compete with the best of the rest, Wolves, Leicester and Everton and in particular Wolves who have looked really good (maybe Europa will trip them up?). This should entail an 8th place (or higher) finish, a (very) positive GD and 60 points with a decent cup run but the delightful football first and foremost. :scarf: :
  • I think Wolves will slump with Europa league commitments

    They have a small group of players, and dont often rotate

    Technically they havent added anyone "new" arry had Jimenez and Denedocker on loan I already
  • Also, I want a cup run....even though it's impossible to predict cup runs

    I'm excited but wary of this season, I expect a better showing than last year as we are more settled and have made some exciting signings

    However, I think that it may take Haller & fornals a bit of time to settle

    I also think the teams around us have done well so far in the window

    But I would still like to think that we can get 7th and a cup run
  • I think realistically we will finish 9th with 56 points and a -2 goal difference.
  • I think realistically we will finish 9th with 56 points and a -2 goal difference.

    Do you know the lottery numbers?
  • Top 10 finish.
    Safe from relegation by beginning of March.

    We need to be a consistent top 10 side before trying to push on.
  • Successful season = being best of the rest and getting to a cup final.
  • A nice ideal, Mia, however a few of our better players (Issa, Rice, Haller, perhaps Anderson) will likely not be around at the end of the season if we finish in a cosy 9th or 10th (and are therefore not in Europe). In which case we need to hope we can get high fees and reinvest well.

    IMO if we finish at or below last season that does not represent success
  • baracks,

    I implied the same saying some experts expected our better players to leave if we don't qualify for Europe this season and people disputed it.
  • That's what a forums about, isn't it? It's all about opinions.
  • Personally speaking, if any of our targets/aspirations involve the word relegation, then I think we are wrong to have Pelle (one of the higher paid managers) as our manager
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    An improvement on last season, it has to be or whats the point of having a " top" manager that is often thrown around re Pelle....Anything less, then for me its a :wave: and on to the next manager!
  • And what criteria are you using to judge improvement?

    League position?
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    IronHerb said:

    That's what a forums about, isn't it? It's all about opinions.

    Who said the people were on here? :biggrin: but they were. :whistle: The point I was trying to highlight was better players have aspirations to win trophies and if we aren't looking like doing that in the very near future then they will be picked up by teams that can offer them a better chance of doing so. :ok:
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    MrsGrey said:

    And what criteria are you using to judge improvement?

    League position?

    Exactly, Mrs Grey, thats it..league position...I mean the club were so happy to announce Pelle as a top manager etc, etc, that surely IMO the bare minimum would be to improve our league position each season, so 9th place for me is a bare minimum? How abou u? what do u think?
    Cup competitions these days seem a big hit or miss, so for me its the league position..
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    Trouble with making League position the measure...

    9th place next season :ok:

    Season after 8th? Then 7th, and so on?

    It's not a measure that has a long shelf life.

    If you only make it by league position, then unless we win it in 9 years time, we've failed to improve.

    I think we have to be more nuanced, which is why my criteria are related to becoming a consistent top half team (bobbing around 10th - 7th, maybe pushing up towards 6th) for a few years. That is progress for me: becoming consistent. If we finish 7th next year and 9th the year after, I won't see that as regression.

    (Edit - yes about Cup competitions. A lottery.)
  • Agree Mrs Grey, but I am no mystic meg, so its not worth thinking about 5 years time, its all about next season & can Pelle live up to his " top manager " status :ok:
  • But haven't the club targeted 7th? I'm sure that was mentioned earlier in the summer. :hmm:
  • We should have qualified for the Europa League group stages under Slav in 2016 but mucked it up losing to Swansea and Stoke at the end of that season. If we had done that and then finished 10th that would have been progress as we had achieved something. The Leicester fans I know don't feel they have gone backwards since they won the Premier League as they now believe they are a good Top 10 side season to season.
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