OS Confirms signing of Sam Byram (to be known from now on as Brian...)



  • Hamstew said:


    New smiley please G-Unit ;pray
  • Does anyone think that the shiny new stadium has any pulling power ;hmm

    Taxpayer paid for as well!!

  • Highly rated. That's all I know.

    And that I used to sign him on FIFA.

    Pards says he's a good-un, so his head on the block.
  • DS says:
    “We had planned to sign him in the Summer, but we were forced to move sooner as it was clear that Everton had agreed terms with Leeds to sign him."

  • I suppose we could now go:

    Tomkins - Reid - Ogbonna
    Byram - Noble - Kouyate - Cresswell
    Antonio - Payet
  • As much as I'd like to include them all I hate that formation

    3 at the back just doesn't work imo, not long term, feel there is too much pace on the wings in EPL sides to work efficiently

    The wing backs are either too offensive and we get exposed or too defensive and we lose our pace and have 5 defenders on the pitch with a holding midfielder (or 2 in our case)

    Let's stick with 4-2-3-1 it's got us to this position, just allows us to rotate and keep players fresh
  • ;ok

    Byram is just the Jenks replacement brought in 6 months early.

    So, prob looking at this come June:

    Byram - Tomkins - Reid - Cresswell
    Kouyate - Noble
    Payet - Lanzini - Valencia

    Randolph, Collins, Ogbonna, Oxford, Obiang, Antonio, Carroll
  • That's what I would be expecting too Luke, although I would have Payet central with Lanzini out wide, but they can be interchangeable depending on the game.

    Very good first 11 and the bench looks very good too with all having played well this season when given a chance.

    The only weakness I can see is the injury problems that our strikers seem to keep having, although Sully has already said that we will be addressing that in the summer so good times ahead!
  • Tom ;ok

    And that's the squad without signings. I have assumed we're going to sign Lanzini permanently, but I've discounted Jenks, Song and Moses as they all go back.

    If we have another summer where we sign at least 5 players, it'll only make us stronger.
  • I know most aren't happy with his tendency for bad choices and selfishness, but I do feel our bench would look a lot weaker without Zarate. I like having a wildcard player like him on the bench so I'm a little disappointed we're selling him.
  • Eski I think Samuelson could take up that mantle next season if he excels to the end of the season, he has a good turn on him and pace.
  • I agree Yeold, I would much rather see Samuelson given a chance, plus for flair if we have both Lanzini and Payet playing then we already have that in spades.

    Luke - Song needs to have a seriously improved second half of the season if he is to be missed, or re signed. Other than that it would be good to have Moses but he signed a new deal so can't see that happening.

    Any new signings in the summer need to be quality not quantity, and that will be pushing for or commanding a first team place.
  • We also have to keep hold of everybody....

    If we finish in the top 8 teams will certainly come sniffing.

    It does seem however that the OS move is giving us more to fight with..
  • Yeah, Samuelson looks decent. I would be happy if he was able to make the step up next season. Still wondering if Borg is going to have that anticipated meteoric rise soon.
  • Those line ups look good and that's some bench.....

    However I can see Ogbonna playing and can also see Slav pairing Carroll up top with Carroll at some point.

    Would like to see Obiang get some more game time, think he's been really unlucky not have played more, done next to nothing wrong.
  • Carroll's up top with Carroll?
  • Izzy - thing is I think Tomkins will ask to leave if he goes back to being a sub.
  • Carroll's up top with Carroll?

    Hard enough getting one Andy on the pitch. ;lol
  • Oops good spot Outcast....

    Should've said SAKHO
  • Who knows Luke, I just don't see Slavs 9m man playing second fiddle thats all.

    We could always go three at the back to accommodate Tomkins.
  • Sorry but I don't see Tomks as being that good that we would 'accommodate' him
  • Well there is the rumour that Oggy has been offered to Roma ;puzzled
  • Tonks is better than Ogbonna, so we wouldn't need to accommodate him ;thumbsup
  • Carroll's up top with Carroll?

    Hard enough getting one Andy on the pitch. ;lol
    Quality Luke....

    I'll keep setting them up yeah

    To me, to you, to me, to you
  • Tonks is better than Ogbonna, so we wouldn't need to accommodate him ;thumbsup

    No he really isn't.

    Give Ogbonna at least 1 season in the PL and lets see where we are.

  • Ok so if you had to sell one of them which would it be and at what price?

    I wouldn't be happy selling Tomkins for anything less than 12m and even then I would wonder who we could get for better at the same price.

    So does that mean we got Ogbonna for a good deal at 9m, or am I placing a too high value on Tomkins?
  • This has been Tomkins best season and he's had around 8 in the EPL

    Ogbonna has had 6 months

    Let's see by the end of the year
  • This has been Tomkins best season and he's had around 8 in the EPL

    Ogbonna has had 6 months

    Let's see by the end of the year

    But he has been playing as a RB so are you are saying he's a better RB than CB? If that's the case Oggi is a better CB, which is how I see it anyway.
  • I really like Ogbonna, got a touch of the Papa Bouba Diop/Abdoulaye Fayes about him. I personally think the best pairing is Reid and Ogbonna. But I wouldn`t lose too much sleep if we lined up with Tomkins and Collins. I honestly think there is room and a need for all four. And I would love Bilic to give 3-5-2 a go, we certainly have the players to make it work and would be a great tactic/formation if chasing a game. I think we should always start 4-2-3-1, seems to work for us.
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