Red Leicester away 22/01/20 Match Thread 19.30

Anyone expecting a Brielliant away win?

Will the fans be going Emmental for a vital away point.

Or another defeat leaving fans not being able to Camembert it.

Over to you..


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    No chance. Loss.

    Would be Feta for us if we just forfeit the game now.
  • Loss. Nailed on.

    I'd put good money on conceding from a set-piece, too. Probably a (c)header from their first corner.
  • I suppose all we really have to look forward to is a raft of cheese puns... Which will leave us feeling blue.
  • Who's back for this?

    Hopefully Fab is back, but if not Randolph is going to have to play like a prime Peter Stilton
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    And Diop like a prime Tony Edams and Noble like a prime Edam Hazard and... and....
  • *waits for people to run out of cheeses*
  • *Google's more cheeses*
  • If only GorgonZola was still in charge
  • Hamstew said:

    *Google's more cheeses*

    Hallou and Mi both
  • Mature responses only please
  • We can't mask a pony performance against this lot, they'll be briething down our necks from the kick off.
    So long as we put in a gouda show and play the whey that Moyes wants us to play.

    Hoping at the end of this match we can tell the Leicester fans that this just was nacho day!
  • So st brenda has a few losses so what better time for us to play them ; mainly to restore their confidence :bubbles:
  • Forgeting cheese puns for a moment, with the news that Anderson is out for four weeks, I'd like to see:

    Zaba Diop Oggy Cresswell
    Noble Rice
    Snodgrass Haller Fornals

    Martin, Balbuena, Ngakia, Sanchez, Lanzini, Masuaku, Antonio/Scully

    I'd rather see Antonio in the eleven, but we can't afford to risk him. I'm far from convinced that he's even fit enough for the bench, but through lack of options he'll almost certainly be there.

    Once again, proof that our resources are horrendously stretched, just as we approach four games in ten days :doh:
  • More holes in our team than swiss cheese
  • Aaaaaaaaaand, it's back
  • Oh come on people, think Caerphilly before posting
  • Lawro reckons we're going to lose 2-1 so there's hope.

    Moyes on Snoddy "He's got good delivery and he's a street-wise footballer. I've got to say, he's output has been very good since I've been here". Reckon that's a "yes" to Snoddy starting tomorrow.
  • Quite frankly I’m finding all these comments very mild. This team needs to get Krafty regardless of who we’re playing.
  • For the love of Gouda, let's move on.
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    Actually, there was an explosion at our local cheese shop, de brie was everywhere

  • I thinks it’s fair to say this will be the last match thread I open you’ll be pleased to hear :lol:
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    If we win it will masc a pone of a team we’ve become
  • Cuz1 said:

    If we win it will masc a pone of a team we’ve become

    Come on Cuz, you can do Feta than that
  • Moyes in charge of his 50 away top flight matches against top four opponents winning 1 drawing 15 and losing 33, thought he won games, just saying COYI
  • Looking at results so far, we could do with 3 points tomorrow.
  • At lest we cant be the bottom 3 :thumbsup: …………..unless we ship a hatfull :sofa:
  • I think we’ll beat Leicester tomorrow night, West Brom on Saturday and then Liverpool next Wednesday. You heard it hear first.....who are those men in white coats. :nonono:
  • Apologies about my mistake, that should be “here” and not “hear”. I’m not that mad!
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