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The Transfer Window 2: Electric Boogaloo



  • Sky reporting Newcastle are in talks with Alassane Plea.
  • Being reported on another forum that Anderson has handed in a transfer request and wants to push thorugh a move to West Ham, and that we've bid £32.5m for Kovecic.
  • Ex has said we haven't put in a bid for Plea.
  • In July now 5 weeks left.
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    IronHerb said:

    Ex has said we haven't put in a bid for Plea.

    But sky say that we have ;hmm

    @10:15 sky sports transfer centre
  • SSN say we have then it's reported Newcastle are in talks with him. I know where my money is on this one.
    West Ham have agreed terms with Anderson.
  • With the player, possibly.

    But agreeing a fee with Lazio won't happen, IMO.
  • To be honest it just comes down to how much we want him. Clearly he isn't worth £40m when you look at his stats & what he's achieved in football. But if Pelle wants him desperately, then he is worth that to us.

    There's surely only so many meetings & so much negotiating you can do. We know the price. We may have agreed an initial fee & they may well have upped it last minute, but they are entitled to do what they like. He's their player.

    I don't think we've got the money to get it done (as usual), so move on to other targets. Hopefully Pelle doesn't get too upset about it.
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    Not sure how that works. If Lazio haven't accepted a bid he's still their player so what are we doing discussing terms with him.
  • TBH thorn, it probably goes on all the time. You have a word with the representatives, they let you know if the player would be interested in the move, you off a rough contract & ask if that would be accepted & the camp for Anderson agree.

    Plenty of transfers have been done where the terms & medical have been completed before the fee has been settled on.
  • But if the club hasn't given us permission to talk to the player, and we are doing so rather than talking to his agent, we're tapping up. Cue a huge fine.

  • We are, but I don't think that stops clubs, especially when the club are interested in selling the player if it results in them getting mega money. Only a handful of tapping up issues are reported.
  • Oh, I've just seen that the original story came from Talksport. Who have such a good record of accurate reporting.

  • May I ask a question that is off topic...sort of.

    Through FFS, probably, I have managed to set this thread up to notify me by email everytime somebody adds a new comment to this thread ;doh. I have looked and poked about among my notification settings but cannot see how this has happened or more importantly how to undo it. Ideas anyone please ;pray
  • When you look at the main page that list all the threads, does it have the little star next to it in yellow?
  • If yes, you've effectively bookmarked the thread and then, you probably have your preferences set to 'notify me when someone comments on my bookmarked discussions'.

    Easiest fix, un-bookmark it (by tapping the yellow star to turn it clear again.)
  • Mrs Grey, you are sooo fast. I found the problem immediately after posting, I think. I have somehow bookmarked the thread and asked for notifications via email.

    I have un yellowed the star. Thanks for your swift response ;clap ;ok
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    ;ok It's not the first time someone has had the problem.

    You might want to tweak your preferences too, while you are at it. Just in case FFS (fat finger syndrome) strikes again!
  • Why would we bid money for him? I thought he released himself from his contract?
  • alderz

    I think a number of their players have asked to be released, but I'm pretty sure it isn't as simple as them saying 'I'm off.'

    Sporting hold their registrations, and if they don't give them up then I can't see what the players can do.
  • But the goalie is now formally registered with wolves now?
  • But the goalie is now formally registered with wolves now?

    This is what made me question it.
  • From the Mirror
    Sporting president Bruno de Carvalho has opened legal proceedings against Patricio and co.

    But Wolves are confident that the deal they've agreed with Patricio is legally sound.

    If the case goes to Fifa then Wolves may end up paying a compensation fee from a tribunal.
    I guess the player can sign a contract ... whether or not he will legally be able to honour it, remains to be seen.
  • The signing is reported as 'subject to international clearance' so I guess it is all still a bit unclear.
  • Sporting said they will pursue Wolves through the courts to get the £18m valuation.
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    So, from Ex's transfer 'news':

    Pellegrini has accepted that Lazio want too much money for Anderson, so that deal is looking dead

    Pellegrini is putting his transfer targets on hold as he's giving the players the chance to impress (apparently Snodgrass has impressed him)

    Bids are in for Bruno Fernandes and we're still interested in Bernard (which contradicts the above)

    Wilshere is desperate to join but our offer of £80k a week is a long way short of what he wants (Arsenal and Fenerbache both offered £130k). This, however, sounds to be the closest to being done

    So, the headlines are that Snodgrass is preferred to Anderson and our likeliest deal is a free transfer ;ok
  • ;lol

    Welcome to West Ham, Mr Pellegrini
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