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The 'Couldn't think where to put this' thread part 2 or 'does my comment merit a NEW THREAD?'



  • I actually feel sorry for Tim Paine. Seems like a genuinely nice guy. Seemed sincere in his platitudes to the England players at the end.

    Shame his predecessor and Warner are likely to be back within the next year.
  • Paine is a nice guy but not an international cricketer. He's out of his depth as a captain, probably 3rd or 4th best Aussie keeper and not a top batter. He's been left holding the baby until a more suitable player comes along.
  • Listening to Zab on BBC, he's only been in London for a season, but you can hear he's picked up a London/cockney accent and not a trace of Manc that I can detect.
    Actually he sounds a bit like Harry Enfield's Stavros. ;lol
  • I've just read that Nathan's Pie and Mash closed 26 May.
  • edited June 2018

    Aslef, this is weird, but did you not post that about Nathan's some time ago? A mate of mine asked if I knew about Nathan's closing, and I said that I'd read it on here already. ;hmm
  • I think he did BND ;ok
  • Club charged over the events during the Burnley game.

    Doesn't say what the punishment is/will be. Assuming it'll be a fine rather than any kind of points deduction ;hmm
  • Can't say what the punishment is until we're found guilty.
  • edited June 2018
    But the scale of sanctions is listed in the PL Handbook. Points deductions are usually at the extreme end of the scale, and aren't permitted for some offennces. Normally, it would be a fine, within the parameter set out in the rules.
  • How does it take three and a half months to bring charges?
  • They've been on their hols. ;cool ;icecream ;beer
  • Disciplinary Committee back for pre season?
  • edited June 2018

    AC Milan won't be able to take up heir place in the Europa League this season - they are being penalised for FFP breach.

    (subject to appeal)
  • banana

    (subject to a peal)
  • Baz. BAZ.

    You forgot this: ;yercoat
  • 50C161A6-B427-4C79-ACAA-4124DC62CE9C Now that’s a peel
  • To be fair, I thought it was funny. However.... (Wait for it...Wait for it...) it could've been a potential banana skin ;run

  • Doesn't really help people's opinions of referees, does it ;doh

    I suppose now he's retired he can't be punished, but he's basically admitting to cheating.
  • I dont see it as cheating, more just applying some common sense to a particular issue of suspension (and when). If the guys determined to be yellowed then he'll get one. Might as well do something relatively quick unlike a mistimed foul that could harm a player. If, however, it was a case of influencing a games result etc instead of just a yellow I'd go with a different mindset
  • Baz

    But colluding with a player to award a yellow card allowed the player to be available for a specific game, which may have influenced the outcome of that match.

    For me, it crosses a line.

    If it was beyond the wit of the player to manage to get a yellow on his own, then bad luck.
  • Just doesn't sit comfortably with me Baz. Feels like collusion to me.

    I mean, what if the player scored the winner in the 'big derby' and the opposition got relegated as a result. A bit fanciful, perhaps, but given the perception of referees in this country, things like like this really don't help their cause.
  • I probably should've said that I wasnt condoning it. Its not as if it shows either in a good light. I guess, for me, it was relatively no big deal (compared to other potential scenarios) but at the same time, a bit pathetic by both. The ref realized the player would card himself so just got on with it. Im not saying it was a great idea (pathetic by the player to actually involve the ref rather than just doing something to get carded), just the ref accepting the inevitable and simplifying it.
  • edited June 2018
    Bazshuayi said:

    To be fair, I thought it was funny. However.... (Wait for it...Wait for it...) it could've been a potential banana skin ;run


    Hugh Grant is such a talented actor
  • Our beloved Boleyn, immortalised by Pierce Brosnan and Dave Bautista

  • Not that long ago we were discussing FFP, and the question of Bournemouth came up (have they been penalised/and to what extent). I can't find that discussion now, but the answer is yes/£4.75m
  • If thats the case, then you could sort of factor it in to your running costs ?? ;hmm
  • edited July 2018
    Why can't we have an "i disagree" button? ;hmm
  • mike said:

    Why can't we have an "i disagree" button? ;hmm

    Because on a discussion forum it’s useful to explain what you disagree with and give reasons for why you have a different opinion
  • WestHamShirt2

    I only just came across this titled "new West Ham kit leaked" I found it hilarious anyway....
  • He likes short shorts ;doh
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