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Transfer Director Tony Henry (suspended) dismissed by club



  • A few African Flags in a show of support wouldn't go amiss.

    Tony Henry will most probably be sacked, I imagine the FA and KICK it OUT campaign will fully be involved in the investigation at some point. I guess the wider implication is whether if true which if any senior management at the club agreed that policy.
  • I doubt there was any policy as such, but no-one can be sure that those sorts of conversations didn't happen between Sully, Henry and Moyles.

    It's one thing to have those views, if indeed they do, but to make them public is what's going to end Henry's career.
  • The so called Saviour of Radio 1 is involved as well?
  • ;angry would someone please tell the Daily Heil whats wrong this picture....

    I see a Spaniard/Italian/Portuguese/Swiss/French and yes 2 players from African countries.....

    Or if your black your from Africa, is that their view...

  • edited February 2018
    vorse, you had me at 'Daily Mail'.


    Perhaps they also think everyone from Africa is black.
  • The so called Saviour of Radio 1 is involved as well?

    Ha, just seen than Preston ;lol
  • The so called Saviour of Radio 1 is involved as well?

    I knew there were'outside influences' at work.......
  • Stupid comment. I don’t think We need him anyway. Except for Payet and Lanzini we haven’t done well in the recruiting department.
  • And all the good deals are done by Sullivan I understand.....
  • I understood where he was coming from however he could of worded it a lot better the fool
  • To be honest till his name came out didn’t think we had a position that he held and have noticed how quiet the board is
  • edited February 2018

    Interesting article. A couple of highlights:

    "Pressed by the Daily Mail, he denied the policy was racist and suggested it was supported by club management. West Ham have denied that is the case, insisting the board does not get involved in identifying potential signings."

    The board does not get involved in identifying potential signings

    Pretty sure Sully does, and has said as much in interviews ;hmm


    "According to a source, attempts to sign Slimani were hindered because Brady, the club’s vice-chairman, offended Leicester’s owners with comments about the club’s chairman, Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha, in her weekly column for the Sun last year.

    “A fellow Premier League director reports that last night he bumped into the Leicester chairman at London’s most expensive wine shop,” Brady wrote. “The Leicester owner told him they’d sacked Claudio Ranieri.

    “He then casually settled his bill for wine and champagne. Since the sum was close to £500,000 I guess the compensation to his old manager is pocket change. At least the owner can drown his sorrows in style!"”

    She seriously needs to stop writing for that paper. Causes nothing but trouble*

    *and a significant contribution to her income
  • Not sure what you're implying Cuz. The board suspended him and are carrying out an investigation as are the FA. They won't say anything further I should imagine until this is completed.
  • Because I don’t believe it’s just one person allegedly behind it
  • edited February 2018
    Why does she write that column in that rag?!

    Whether or not there is anything in this story from a 'source' (sounds a bit odd - someone at Leicester, presumably. Wonder if they are credible ;wink ) there is just too much potential for gaffes and absolutely no need for it, imo.
  • The worst scenario will be that they sack him- with a confidentiality clause and a pay off
  • It may be out of the clubs hands as the FA are investigating which, I presume, will superdcede the clubs investigation.
  • Good glad the fa involved proper enquiry and if found guilty out them and name and shame them
  • Well, the FA have't covered themselves in glory in recent enquiries...
  • edited February 2018
    I agree maybe nows there chance don’t want racists in our club end of our African players must be feeling right at home knowing that’s what they allegedly thort of by some
  • Whufc had to launch an investigation, no matter where it leads.
    I bet Sullys office shredder and IT bloke are doing overtime tonight...
  • OCS - that is hilarious.

    Sully is on record saying he is very much involved.

    Nice try, Sully. ;lol
  • BBB, I can think of an even worse scenario if these Daily Pail allegations are true and that is if Moyes is involved. ;nonono
  • Sully is obviously very involved in transfer dealings but not necessarily identifying targets. If he is why have a head of recruitment in the first place. I thought the manager decides where he needs reinforcements and the scouting team identify who might be suitable to fill them.
  • What a complete fool, incredible that when challenged with the remarks, he effectively says, “no nothing wrong here that I can see”

    Sometimes you have to shake your head in amazement.

  • All this furore over Tony Henry has deflected a small amount of criticism away from the owners & the poor transfer window. What is it they say about it being a good day to bury bad news.
  • This is far worse for the club than a transfer window as it could affect both current players and future signings. I’m not sure any news is being buried.

    FA might not be the best at investigations but it clearly needs to go beyond the club.
  • I agree this is not some ruse to escape criticism for a transfer window, It could run very deep if he has been able to retain communications before being suspended, it doesn't strike me as an idea he has come to entirely on his own.
  • Henry's not very clever with words, is he? By trying to keep Sakho's name out of it, he generalises about (by inference all) African players. Then contradicts himself by saying Koyate is not in that category. Too late, damage done.
    Having said that, the Mail should also be punished for racist attitudes. West Ham have 2 African players on the books now, and they publish a picture of every non-white player at the club. Inferring wrongly that all darker-skinned footballers are African, and the target for Henry's generalisations. Do they know the difference between African and black?
    Sorry to rant on, but as a (white) East African myself, some of the attitudes of the British press sicken me more than Henry's blunder.
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