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West Ham vs Tottenham - 12:30 Saturday 23.9.17 (match thread)

Undefeated in 3 games the hammers revert back to the league to face their close rivals from across London in Tottenham, for a feisty derby game. Both West Ham and Tottenham eased through the Carabao Cup to reach the next round. Both clubs drawing their last premier league game to set up an encounter where 3 points for either team would be welcomed.

Whilst the axe for Slaven has been removed, West Ham know this talented Spurs side will take some doing to beat. But it was not long ago at the same stadium West Ham guaranteed their safety with a 1-0 victory against Spurs and dashing the title hopes of their rivals in the process. Does lightning strike twice ?

Line Ups ?
Predictions ?



  • Home win. ;biggrin
  • I imagine it will be

    Fonte Reid Ogbonna
    Zabaleta Obiang Kouyate Cresswell
    Antonio Carroll Hernandez

    but I would prefer to see

    Fonte Reid Ogbonna
    Antonio Obiang Kouyate Cresswell
    Carroll Hernandez
  • I think it will be your first one, but with Arnautovic instead of Hernandez.
  • 3-4-3 system improved defence against mediocre teams (WBA, Huddersfield) but creativity was a problem. Might Bilic be tempted to change that? May be not and he might stick to the same team as he had against WBA. Or he can upgrade it to a 4-4-1-1as this would allow us to counteract and have some guile and speed.

    Zabaleta Reid Ogbonna Cresswell
    Antonio Obiang Kouyate Arnautovic

    This line-up can also give flexibility and become 4-3-3 when attacking with Antonio or Arnautovic joining the front two.
  • edited September 2017
    Tempted to go...

    Fonte - Reid - Ogbonna
    Zabaleta - Noble (c) - Kouyate - Masuaku
    Antonio - Arnautovic

    Adrian, Rice, Byram, Cresswell, Ayew, Carroll, Sakho
  • Apparently Obiang out for 2-3 weeks according to an account on twitter.
  • A reliable account?
  • Home win ;biggrin
  • Lukerz said:

    Tempted to go...

    Fonte - Reid - Ogbonna
    Zabaleta - Noble (c) - Kouyate - Masuaku
    Antonio - Arnautovic

    Adrian, Rice, Byram, Cresswell, Ayew, Carroll, Sakho

    Lukerz ;ok This would be my eighteen
  • Obiang out according to Claret and Hugh, will miss Spurs but should be back for Swansea
  • Tough decision for me for formation. I feel we play better with a 4231/433 but are more solid defensively with the 3421. However seeing as we are at home I'd lean to the formation that gets more attack minded players on the field so the 4231. So for me either:




    I think 'Lil Pea is best suited to start this match (particularly if we play the 3421) and I would look to bring on Carroll after around 65 either in place of, or supporting Hernandez depending on the scoreline and need. If we want to start Carroll I definitely believe the 4231 is the formation to go with for him.

    Hoping for a good performance for us, and ideally a/some point(s)!
    Spurs have a very good side, but I feel at our best we can provide a game to anyone, plus we are at home so want to see us go for them!

  • I would like to see:

    Hart; Fonte Reid Ogbonna; Zabaleta Noble Kouyate Cresswell; Antonio Arnautovic; Hernandez
  • This will be my first game at our new ground and as a ST holder. COYI!!!
  • We have looked so much better with 3 at the back it amazes me that people want to go back to a back 4

    Last year we won this 1-0 with

    Fonte Reid Collins
    Byram Noble Kouyate Cresswell
    Ayew Calleri Lanzini

    Would like to see this line up

    Fonte Reid Ogbonna
    Zaba Noble Kouyate Cresswell
    Antonio Carroll Arnautovic

    Went with Carroll as we are going to be under the cosh for large parts we need him for the ball to stick plus the pace of Arnautovic and Antonio shpuld support him quick enough he's not isolated

    Would be happy with a point

  • Also Carroll helping out defence with corners etc - esp if only a back 4. Either way Zab needs to prioritise defending over getting forward. ;scarf
  • I thought the whole point of playing three at the back is so the wing backs can get forward
  • Lawro's gone for 1-1 and he's been right with the result if not the score four out of five so far this season, the only one he's got wrong is that we'd draw with Newcastle

    There is something very wrong with the world.......
  • Merson has us down for a defeat so things are looking up
  • We're gonna lose one of these games against Spurs, just can't work out if it's the league one or the cup one.....

  • Imagine if we won them both.

    I work with at least 5 or 6 Spurs fans
  • alderz said:

    Imagine if we won them both.


  • We have beaten Spurs 14 times in the PL I think, that's more than we've beaten any other team I believe... May it continue tomorrow .
  • Rumours are Hernandez doesn't start tomorrow.

    Ogbonna and Arnautovic in for Collins and Chicharito.
  • ;run to the FF transfers page
  • It's very early days, but we seem to be doing a thoroughly West Ham job of wasting one of the best finishers in world football.
  • pretty much going to be route 1 Carroll.
  • If Hernandez doesn't start he is very quickly going to get dis-enfranchised
  • have I mentioned before how much I loath the spuds.. just checking. This fixture at home needs to be at the end of the season and cost them a title shot or we don't turn up
  • Match day. Big one.
    Three points.
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