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Am I the only one getting 'Andrew Lloyd Webber in drag' from this?



  • I just see Andrew Lloyd Webber. Where's the drag? ;wink
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    Once upon a time that what was the Booby Moore Stand
  • That actually hurts
  • I don't know if anybody watched this about Dame Vera (born in East Ham) at 100, but at about 7:15 she says that she was refused singing lessons and then tells a little more. Really funny ;lol
  • So, in a BBC article about videos that use children's cartoon characters in animations that are not child-friendly:
    Sonia Livingstone is an expert on child online safety and professor of social psychology at the London School of Economics,

    "It's perfectly legitimate for a parent to believe that something called Peppa Pig is going to be Peppa Pig," she says.
    Or, and here's an idea when it comes to child online safety:

    Parents should preview any content which does not come from a known 'safe' site (e.g. Disney, CBBC etc.)

    On account of it is their responsibility.

    Expert my foot. ;angry
  • I've been following the Ray Cronise diet having read Penn Jillete's book, and I've lost nearly 7kg since last Sunday!
  • shf

    Well done!

    Although keeping the weight of is a matter of long term lifestyle changes...
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    Well, if weighing less is your aim, well done. ;thumbsup

    But it seems to me it's not really very healthy. ;puzzled
  • It's radical, alright, but when you think of it, it's not as radical as walking around carrying 30 odd kilos extra weight every day! So for the next week or so, I'm going to be practising a post apocalyptic diet, and then yes, grey, after that I will be making the long-term lifestyle changes. I'll keep you updated.
    Or my widow will. ;-)
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    ;nonono ;whome

    Good Luck! ;thumbsup
  • 14 stone in a day!

  • West Ham v Spurs has been moved to Friday May 5th at 8pm and is on SKY.
    Not too much time to get boozed up then.
  • I don't think we've won a game on TV have we? I thought we may have sneaked under the radar on the Saturday afternoon. I'm going to that game so now probably going to be dragged around the shops by the wife on the Saturday.
  • Spot of chest clearing:

    What is it with programs now that they feel obliged to give us the opinions of the great unwashed?

    Just had a section on the snooker - professionals talking about the Ronnie business, fair enough.

    Then over to some poor reporter who has to tell us what the views are on social meejah.

    I mean, seriously!

    If people want to know what other people on social mmejah think, they can go to social meejah sites. There is no need or use in tacitly validating the opinions of those who may well be sat in their room wearing a tin foil hat with crayons up their nostrils.
  • Cheaper, quicker than sending people out for Vox Pops. The public have always been asked, it's just easier now. The only difference with an in-person vox pop is you know they don't take the tin hat and crayons outside.
  • There is no need or use in tacitly validating the opinions of those who may well be sat in their room wearing a tin foil hat with crayons up their nostrils.

    Local ;hmm
  • Outcast

    I know they have always done vox pops.

    Couldn't say I ever thought they were much use either.
  • Cheaper, quicker than sending people out for Vox Pops. The public have always been asked, it's just easier now.

    Which is why they do it for practically everything.
    I have no issue with vox pops per se, but imo it should only be done when a cross-section of public opinion is really relevant - when it is an issue that directly affects them (eg, referendum or election-type stuff, or taxation, new laws etc). NOT opinions on every subject under the sun, when they have no remit, expertise or even knowledge on the matter.

    I think it is pointless. But now that the www means there are unlimited column inches to be filled, and pressure to have something new on your site every five minutes, it is a trend that isn't going away any time soon. Unfortunately.
  • That's the problem with our now being a celebrity, reality TV and media obsessed society when tv producers etc believe that we are all interested in what everybody has to think.
    I really rate MNF where the pundits have great insight and are generally interesting but hate MOTD where Lineker et al are smug and treat us like complete idiots who need them to tell us what we've been watching.
    I refuse to use Facebook and Twitter because 99.99% of what's posted is banal inconsequential garbage.
  • True (the latter point) but you don't have to read it. You can choose who you interact with, and you don't have to even encounter anything that is posted unless you want to.
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    Perhaps it has to do with growing up as one of the pop.

    If I ever wanted to know what the vox was I just had to pop in to the local.
  • Then that's a Pop Inn...

  • Oh Grey SPN have a whole 'what's happening on Twitter' section ;doh
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    It's bizarre, really.

    Would they have had (pre-internet + social media) 'What's happening when I strike up random conversations with people down the pub/in the supermarket queue/sitting near me on the bus'?


    So why report what people are saying on twitter?

    It's just the same.

    Does the fact that its 'on the internet' lend these opinions of every Tom, Dick and Harriet some legitimacy? Or do they just not care?
  • It's total codswallap.
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    That's what they need.
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