West Ham - A measure of a successful season

I have been thinking about this for a while. What do people believe will be a successful season for us? We could go out in the last eight of the Europa, Carabao & FA Cups and finish eighth. Tottenham could win the European Conference League (don't laugh) & qualify for next seasons Europa League but fail to win any of the domestic cups, finishing up tenth. On that basis who will have had the more successful campaign?


  • Typically, I would say winning something is a greater success than anything else. I guess you could argue that the Conference League is the worst of all tournaments to win, but it's still a trophy.

    I personally still believe that a top 6 finish is an overachievement for our squad. I think there is a realistic shot of that happening, but before the season I hoped for a top half finish and European football after Christmas. We're pretty deep into the Carabao Cup now, so my annual cup run dreams have been nearly realised too.
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    After 50+ years of supporting West Ham I usually start each season with the following:

    Good - No worry of relegation at any stage
    Better - Positive goal difference in the league
    Best - Positive goal difference in the league and a cup quarter final plus

    Even with these I am so often disappointed. West Ham have been a life lesson in looking for things I can be grateful and appreciative for. Whatever happens next this season will be one to enjoy and celebrate for me. Two in a row. Who'd have thought it!
  • I wanted us to have a real go in Europe and we have. I'd love to get to the semi-final at least, but a lot will depend on the draw.

    I didn't think we'd be competing for top six again. If we're still around there after the Christmas schedule I'll be delighted.

    Success this season for me was not taking a catastrophic backwards step. Be fighting in the top half, have a go at Europe, have a go at the cups.
  • On those measurements Spurs would have had the better season due to winning a trophy and qualifying for the Europa league, whilst we would have done neither.

    If we leave aside comparisons however that would have been a decent season for us. My expectations have risen now however. It will be very dependent on the draw now we are in the knockout stages of cups but I would like to reach the semi's of the Europa at least and get into the top 6 in the league and qualify for Europa again next season.
  • Top eight and the League Cup or FA Cup would do it for me.
  • stay up beat spurs three times :)
  • I would love us to win something in the next couple of years, I don't really care what it is.
  • Slacker said:

    Top eight and the League Cup or FA Cup would do it for me.

    If we win anything it will be the best season of my life. I always feel like a trophy is the goal but it’s such a small likelihood that we have to have smaller goals too.

    It’s hard to measure, but a ‘fun’ season is rare to come by, and that’s a great success. The first Pardew premier league season, the Payet season, last season, are pretty much the only ‘fun’ seasons I can recall.
  • Beat Leeds home and away. Job done.
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