Upgrading Vanilla (the software that runs this thing), and necessary changes

I've been putting this off, but we really need to make the step up to the next version of Vanilla we're on 2.3 the latest is 2.8)

The biggest impact for us is that the drop-down menu for our smileys will no longer work ( ;weep ) although using the text shortcut will ( ;wahoo )

What I can do is add a crib sheet to the menus to the right, so that we can see which text shortcuts match which smileys.

The new version comes with its own set of emojis (which is to say, smileys...) so what might make sense would be to prioritise our animated smileys at the top of the list.

We can also use this to get rid of some of the smileys that are not really used.

So, what would help is if people could post on here the smileys you feel you use most often, so we could work out which should be at the top of the list.


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