Welcome Areola - Permanently Signed

Seeing as no-one has opened a new thread I thought I would.

Glad he's back here properly now, minimal settling in required, and I suspect he's our no.1 league goalie.


  • Good safe signing .And what looks like not a bad fee
  • Good signing. I like it when a loan actually turns into a permanent deal. And now we have the goalkeeper position nailed down for the next few years.

    It’s great that both the signings we’ve made so far are for players in their prime.
  • How much have we actually paid. I have read 7.5million to 11.5million.
  • Great signing, he showed his class last season and imo was very unlucky not to feature more in the prem, think his showings were by and large better than Fabs (who's still great but isn't the same keeper he was even 2 years ago)

    See (hope) their roles swapping with Areola in the Prem and Fab the Europa Conference

    £10mil is a snip, yes he's on big wages but who isn't, and he can lock down that position for 5/6 years minimum....he has the ability and experience

    Good to have someone who's already integrated into the squad well, better than gambling on someone who may not
  • How much have we actually paid. I have read 7.5million to 11.5million.

    Sky were quite specific with their £7.75m, and Sullivan has close contacts there. I can imagine he'd be quite keen to let people know if he's managed to get a good deal.

    And, to be fair, if that figure is true then he has.
  • I heard that we were trying to negotiate a lower than the previously agreed option fee to try and offset his wages a little.
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