WHU606 since the Christmas snowflakes .................

Has anyone else noticed that since the Christmas version of 606 has been turned on, that the session freezes, so I have to cancel the tab and restart.

Using Acer laptop, with Windows 7 and google chrome as the browser.

Not really a problem, merely a pain.


  • F5

    I think you just hit F5?
  • Unfortunately not, the screen freezes, and fails to respond to any mouse clicks or F keys being pressed.

    The only way out has been to kill off the tab and restart it.

    So far this morning it has only happened the once.
  • Expat

    I've never seen that before.

    Could you try with Firefox at some point?
  • Expat I've been noticing some oddities with Chrome recently, not with this site specifically, but the browser just seems to be playing up
  • Alderz, yes me too, but no problems if I use Firefox.
    I think it may well be google then ;thumbsup
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