Trip to Tromso, Norway - Advice please

Wow! This is my first ever Thread - please be gentle with me. Although I've been around from the very early days I must admit I am more of a 'voyeur' ( sorry wrong forum!) with the occasional response / input.

Anyway, I am after some advice. My very generous daughter is treating myself and my better half to a 5 day trip to Tromso, Norway to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary which was in December.

I know some of our members are in Norway and I have pm'd Trondheimrob who has yet to respond - but if anyone has any experience of Tromso I would be very grateful for some advice before I order my Krone.

Things like -

Is it really expensive out there? Average cost to eat / drink out? - both fast food and restaurants.

Best way to see the sights / search for the Northern Lights? - best to go with a firm, taxi, hire a car?

Any advice really on things to do / how to have a good time whilst keeping an eye on the budget would be really useful.

I know there is always Trip Adviser but I'd rather hear it from my fellow Hammers.


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