Former Players Interviews

Hope this is ok to post. Ive recently come across some interviews done by the facebook
group 'Sex, Drugs + Carlton Cole. They have interviewed a few previous players, who give
a real insight on what it was like to play for West Ham. There are some great stories in them
and thought i had to share.

Julian Dicks:

Bobby Zamora:

Matty Etherington:

Carlton Leach (not a player, obviously...)

Jimmy Walker:


  • *May include some swearing
  • *It does include swearing
  • Loved JD's interview
    What a time they had ;wink
  • Jimmy Walker cracks me up, I used to love him column in the program.
  • He's bonkers ain't he Suz ;bowdown

    Him ripping Reo-Joker ;lol
  • Yep ;lol

    They are great interviews Twist, thanks for putting them up.
  • Twist
    Thanks for these. Enjoyed them all!
  • No problem Suz + Dee ;ok

    They have just put a new one up... Alvin Martin:

  • Ooo smashing.

    Cheers Twist.
  • Cheers Twist ;ok I'm only seven minutes in and I can already tell that this is going to be great interview. Can you imagine being a fifteen year old kid sitting down at Chadwell Heath with Bonzo, Sir Trevor, Frank Snr? I'd be thinking "I like it here" as well!
  • I'm loving that AM is describing how similar East, East, East London and Liverpool are. I've held that belief for a long time.
  • Twist ;bowdown
    That was one of the best interviews I have seen of an ex-player.
  • Top man alvin,respect,
    Out back in Romford one night , great
  • Twist ;thumbsup
  • That was brilliant.

  • Austin, Suz, Dee, Expat - no worries ;thumbsup
  • Twist - thanks for posting these. I finally had time to watch the Alvin Martin interview. Great stuff. Please keep posting these as you find them ;thumbsup
  • No problem Tex ;ok

    Mark Ward (very interesting...!):

  • (a lot of bad language)
  • Most excellent ;thumbsup

    Thanks for putting it up Twist.
  • Ex hammer in bad language interview controversy.

    Now there's a shocker.

    Nice one Twist, cheers ;ok
  • Thanks for posting that Twist.

    Very interesting interview, some hilarious moments in it like the trip to Norway with the pranks... but some sad parts like his decision to get involved in drugs and going to prison, it's sad to me that some of these players end up penniless after playing the game for so long.

    I would like to see Wardy back at the club in some capacity, whether as a coach or scout. He was one of my favorite players growing up.
  • I used to love Wardy - a little terrier
  • No problem all ;thumbsup

    Which one is everyone's fav? I love Julian's passion. His prediction of who should be the manager is an interesting one. (Before Slav was appointed)
  • I'd love to see Frankie's ;wahoo
  • Going by what others have said about Frankie the interview would be longer than a lord of the rings movie ;lol
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    Just watched the Wardie video. Funny, sad, interesting and very thought provoking.

    King - whilst it is sad, the drug dealing/prison thing, I think that Wardie fairly holds his hand up and says that it was bad decision making on his part. If we're honest we've all made poor decisions at times in our lives, I certainly have. I know that in Mark's days footballers weren't earning what they do now, but he probably earning decent money for the time. Alas having money doesn't necessarily bring with it the ability to look after your dosh and plan for the future.

    I could see Wardie doing a valuable job for the PFA, not necessarily advising the top earners in the game today, but those who earn a reasonable amount and need guidance as to how to look after the money that do earn during their short careers, and so don't struggle when their careers finish.

    I think that all of these interviews, besides being exceptionally well produced, are interesting in their own right. If I had to pick a favourite it would probably be Alvin's. I look forward to watching more.
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    From Wombat

    Evening all I have had a bloke buy me a beer tonight, who played against Pele, and George Best. And with Moore, Peters and Hurst.


    In the past week both Wombat and myself have had a couple of hours each with Alan Stephenson who I last met 60 years ago at junior school in Walthamstow.

    Some really great stories of the sixties and the Bobby Moore era and the West Ham way

    Was a really nice experience, he is such a nice chap.

    He played 116 times in the same West Ham team as Bob.
  • Woosie ;ok Maybe you should do an interview with AS and post it on here? Or maybe set up a Q&A thread that he could respond to, if he's interested and willing.
  • Thanks for posting these I have really enjoyed them, I am surprised they all spoke so openly. A couple of things of note for me were how Lucas Neil comes out really well and how one player mentions Tevez hardly doing anything in training whilst another says he always put it in.

    I hope they will do some more, Frank Mac would obviously be good, Billy Bonds, Alan Dev, Di Canio ad Joe Cole.
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