Predictor League - How to play.

Standard league format, you play each team in your league home and away.

Predict the results for 20 matches.

Each exact score is worth a goal.

Score more goals than your opponent to get 3 points.

When you are the 'home' team you have home advantage.

You can choose two games to mark with a *.

For those games, you will be given a score if your prediction is within one goal of the result.

So predicting 2-1, you would get a goal for a result that was
2-1, 2-2 or 1-1.

PLEASE only add the * directly after the predicted score.

2-1* is correct.

2-1 *

have to be edited by me, and give me more work for no good reason.

If you miss predicting, your predictions will all be set to 0-0 with the following limitations:
  • you lose home advantage
  • you can only score a maximum of 2 goals, regardless of how many 0-0 results there are.
If you are late predicting, you can still predict the remaining games, so if you miss an early Saturday game, you can still predict for the rest.

In the case of matches being postponed, those games are voided. If 6 or more games are postponed in any one week, the whole week is voided (i.e, there have to be at least 15 games to make a predictor week.)

Any Championship game I miss being moved to a Friday is also void.

**Any rounds which involve cup matches, score is for the normal 90 minutes (in event of extra time.)**

That's pretty much it, I think.
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