Predictor Cup Final Result

P1 Ghome Gaway P2
Kuchinghammer 3 3 Whitehorsehammer AET 4 - 3
Congrats to both Kuchinghammer and Whitehorsehammer for getting to the very first cup final.

A tight game ending 3-3 after 90 minutes, but Kuching just edging ahead in extra time.


  • Well played both 👏👏👏, a bit of a nail-biter as Kuching scored a 90th minute equaliser (scoring in the last of the 20 normal time fixtures (Forest v Man City) before winning in extra time (which had already happened 😂🤣😂).

    Congrats to Kuching 🏆
  • Well done Kuching and thanks Expat for running the predictor. 👏👏👏
  • Congrats Kuching, well played.
  • 👏👏 well done to both players
  • Well done! Tight all the way.
  • Big thanks to Expat for doing all the hard work. And also Lady Luck for helping me all the way 😉😁
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