Predictor league - Cup competition

The Predictor League Cup

OK, so with only 12 players involved, The top eight from the table after four weeks will progress to the knock out round of 8.

Some changes -
in the knockout stage, BOTH sides will be allowed two starred games, so even if playing away you get to choose two games to star.

A further six games will be used as extra time. No stars allowed. Should it remain tied then the first person to get a correct score will win.

If it is still a tie I shall ask a non competitor to choose a number between 1 and 20, and whoever guesses closest shall win on penalties.

If you are interested please sign up below.

Also open to 4 new entrants to make 16 players, where we would go straight to knockout. If we have 15 players interested I will introduce one bye and then continue in knockout format.


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