European games games midweek 7- November

Anybody watching the City game?

Half time, players walking off, Haaland gives his shirt to opposition player (in response to what looked like a request).

I'm not keen on that sort of thing tbh


  • Wait till full time
  • But how could he refuse a Young Boys request for his shirt? ;)
  • Or.... Its Man against Boys out there tonight!
  • Apparently Haaland was not happy being asked for his shirt at half time, said something like "You cannot do this".

    Maybe they swap shirts at half time in Switzerland
  • Went right off him when he seemingly snubbed the little girl recently.
  • Man U Loose ,Oh dear never mind =)
  • Just recently got home, saw the Utd score and went into a lets all laugh at Man Utd vibe :)
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    Now Ive watched the highlights... Wow at the red card and Utd's penalty was a joke too (didnt stop me enjoying it though!)
  • I thought it was a red. You have to watch where you put your feet, and an opponents ankle isn't one of them.

    ETH moaning is such a good watch. Thought their first was offside when the guy was on the opposite side of the goal, thought the Copenhagen penalty was wrong but no mention of identical Man U penalty.
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    Watched brief highlights of the Man Utd game, I thought it was a red, careless rather than intentional, but he could easily have broken the guy's lower leg or ankle. Copenhagen's penalty was a touch soft, but it did look like there was at least hand to ball as it bounced up (although more with Maguire's momentum rather than it being an intentional play of the ball with his hand). Man Utd's penalty was beyond a joke, it was headed onto the defender's arm from about 6 inches away.
  • I get that Rashfords challenge was clumsy and not in a good place but I also think that the amount of forxe applied wasn't up to a red card. Just the players reaction when the red came out was enough for me.
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