Games 8/9/10 Oct



  • Another game where I detest both πŸ˜‚
    But on This occasion would prefer the Everton win.
    But if they could end up relegated with Forest and Villa that would be great πŸ‘πŸ»
  • Crazy to leave the 🐐 on the bench
  • So todays goal was his 700th club career goal, you may not like him and I for one do not, but you have to respect his record.

  • The fluidity of Arsenal's passing and movement is the stuff of dreams, or when they play us, nightmares.
    Why can't we move like that?
  • So todays goal was his 700th club career goal, you may not like him and I for one do not, but you have to respect his record.

    Haaland will probably have that before he turns 25. πŸ™‰πŸ™ˆ
  • Arsenal are a pleasure to watch but that Arteta bloke becomes more annoying every time I see them. What’s the point of a technical area if he spends the game outside of it remonstrating with the ref?Just book him and tell him to stay put.
    β€˜orrible little man.
  • I also find him annoying as a neutral, but I I was an Arsenal fan I would love how much he feels like an extra player. He really coordinates everything. There's a lot of managers who feel like they just sit and watch, but the likes of Arteta, Conte, Guardiola, Klopp feel like they are up there really drawing every extra morsal out of them.
  • I get your point Alderz but that technical area is there for a reason and he just ignores it and gets away with it.
  • edited October 2022
    My original dislike for Arteta was about how he was considered some genius before he'd managed a single minute but after his comment about Partey and "all he's been through" I really want them to collapse.
  • Bazatron will not be happy with the above comment hahaha

    If West Ham win I'm a happy camper. If they lose, I look for solace and excitement from Liverpool. Havent had the latter for most of this season and figure they're most likely going to take time to transition with Darwin in and Mane out. It does feel like they have peaked though and I thank them for at least denying City once and putting up a fight against them when nobody else was even close to capable. They'll sign some and gel plus maybe be better next season. Liverpool being poorer means at least one other team needs to step up. Even though Arsenal are doing very well I dont think they'll stay anywhere near the course and need a stronger squad. Maybe Potter will move Chelsea up but my lack of liking for them wont see me happy.
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