Next Eight Games (GW 9-16)

Hope I am not stealing anyones job here.

Remember, this IS NOT a prediction game. This is simply saying, from this batch of fixtures, what is the cut off point between good and bad. You could go one further and say what is the cut off between good, decent and bad if you want to, but basically you need to say the number that think is acceptable after this run of games.

So, our next 8 games are:
9. Wolves at London Stadium
10. Fulham at London Stadium
11. Southampton at St Marys Stadium
12. Liverpool at Anfield
13. Bournemouth at London Stadium
14. Manchester United at Old Trafford
15. Crystal Palace at London Stadium
16. Leicester City at London Stadium

Then it's all off to the World Cup. Where will we be in the table & who will be in charge if it all goes "Pete Tong"?


  • 15 points would be good imo.
  • Fortune 👍🏻 I was definitely going to forget to do this so I’m glad you did it!

    I look at that and think that we should really be winning all five of those home games, and snatching at least something away from home. But saying 16 feels like it’s not the minimum acceptable level - which is the game here.

    I think that, if we don’t get 10 points from these games, Moyes probably gets sacked.
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    Under par <12
    Par 12 - 14
    Over par 14+
  • 12 points is my absolute minimum. Anything less would represent a bad set of results, IMO.

    With the investment made and the quality of players we have at the club now we should be looking at going undefeated at home at the very least. I expect nothing from the Liverpool and Man U games, but would expect points from all of the others.

    This is generally a very kind run of fixtures; I think Moyes could be gone before Bournemouth if things go badly in the next four.
  • Palace will be tough and Leicester may have a new manager by then. Not easy.
  • 18 Exceeding expectations - 14 ok but 12 or less then I would expect questions to be asked as DM now has the players to achieve more IMHO.
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    Told you I was feeling better.🥰
  • @Slacker Just wait until you come off your medication. 😃
  • 14 good
    10 not good
  • 7 points in bag already
  • I’ll let the members who commented on this thread give their own thoughts now on what has been a very poor return IMHO & I hope but really don’t expect any questions to be asked of David Moyes.
  • 10 points is a disappointing haul from those fixtures.

    I don't think this result will change any 'Moyes In' fans' view on whether he should go, just like a win against Arsenal probably won't for any 'Moyes Out' fans.

    I think those that want change, and those who think Moyes will turn this around, will be equally disappointed. I can see the board sticking with him and I think we'll struggle for the rest of the season and either limp to safety or get relegated.
  • We keep him and I think we will survive just but we will eventually meet our match in Europe and won't do well in the FA cup.
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    Hamstew said:

    We keep him and I think we will survive just but we will eventually meet our match in Europe and won't do well in the FA cup.

    I think there's an awful lot of pressure on the ECL now. No chance of top seven in the league now (IMO), so for it to be a successful season at all I think we need to go far in the cups (those that are left, anyway), if not win one.

    I guess depending on how the next few games go, 17th could represent a successful season come May, because I remember 2003 all to well to know there's no such thing as being too good to go down.
  • Domestic cups are a write off with Moyes as when we eventually meet anyone from the big 6 we will do the usual of showing them to much respect imo.
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