European games from 14 September to end of the month

Watching the Man City v Borussia Dortmund game. Couldn't work out why their coach looked familiar... The the Comms mentioned that he'd been Slav's assistant with West Ham.

So I'm cheering them on. 😃


  • couple of pretty good City goals
  • Goalie should have been closer to the first, but the Haaland one was a bit remarkable.
  • Still not convinced City look better with Haaland in the team...actually think their general play/chance creating is much worse

    But with him they have goals, goals, goals and goals....he doesn't do anything than scores

    Early days, but he's exactly the type of player that turns a runner up medal in a knockout competition to a winners one...and with him they have a better chance to win the champions league
  • The guy could turn in a 6/10 performance every week and still score 40+ goals this season.

    His numbers are ridiculously consistent and at 22 his potential is frightening.

    And at £51m we really should have been all over that...
  • He wanted Europa League minimum so we never had a chance. 😉
  • IronHerb said:

    He wanted Europa League minimum so we never had a chance. 😉

    I'm sure Raggy Soma would have put in a good word for us.
  • Different positions I know, but £51m for Haaland really makes the £100m for Grealish look absolutely ridiculous.
  • £100M for Grealish was ridiculous even if Haaland had been £51bn.
  • Just switched on the telly.
    First image? Fernandes moaning at the ref.

    Nothing changes.
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