Next 8 Games (GW1-8)

Remember, this IS NOT a prediction game. This is simply saying, from this batch of fixtures, what is the cut off point between good and bad. You could go one further and say what is the cut off between good, decent and bad if you want to, but basically you need to say the number that think is acceptable after this run of games.

So, our next 8 games are:
1. Man City at London Stadium
2. Forest at City Ground
3. Brighton at London Stadium
4. Villa at Villa Park
5. Spurs at London Stadium
6. Chelsea at Stamford Bridge
7. Newcastle at London Stadium
8. Everton at Goodison Park

For me, a side with top 6 aspirations needs to be taking nearly 2pts per game. That said, a lot of these games look tricky. I would say anything less than 13pts is a disappointing return given our ambitions.


  • Hmmmm, so difficult the first set of fixtures...usually you get plenty of shock results (often by the newly promoted teams) and teams overperforming / underperforming before things start to settle and you see the real table start to form

    We got 14 points in our first 8 last season, don't see us getting that much this time

    I'll go for 11, 3W 2D 3L
  • It seems that 66pts is usually enough to earn a 6th place finish. All but one of the last 7 seasons that’s been enough. Which means the target is 1.74pts per game. So, yeah, the goal is to have 13.89pts after these 8 to be on track.
  • I’ll go for 11
  • 10 tough start
  • Tough start anything above 11 would be good. Six or less concerning.
  • 10 a few draws in that set
  • 10 as well
  • 15, still very optimistic even at 73 and in poor health, hose bound now so watching the team win or draw is great losing makes me miserable for days, winining I’m on cloud nine. Silly old git really.
  • Not so silly Aberdeen. West Ham results are quite important to me too👍
  • I only have a drink when I’m watching the games on tv. Just a couple of Bacardi Spiced and cokes. Have to be careful with all the meds I’m on!
  • Tough set of games, and we don’t know how others will perform with new signings, etc. I’ll go for a reasonable 13 (but fear it could be as low as 9).
    COYI ⚒
  • Could be as low as 0 the way we are playing.
  • Is it to late for me to say 4 =)
  • steve, I thought I was really being pessimistic when I said six or less would be concerning.
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