• Good signing
  • I think this is the most exciting signing of them all imo.
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    Good signing

    I agree, I think he had decent figures in a poor (especially going forward) Burnley team last season, and I think it's easy to turn your nose up at a player just because their team got relegated. He has CL experience from before he went to Burnley (including goals against Man City) and he's still only 25 (nearly 26). Adds much needed pace to the attack, whether on the left or as an alternative to Bowen on the right.

    Defininte 👍 from me, welcome Maxwel.
  • Something for the older fans so “Maxwell is in the House”. 😃
  • I think he did a decent job going forward for Burnley, but tbh I think he does some really solid defensive work, and I’m excited about his ability all the way down the left hand side. Really good signing.
  • I’ve just watched some of his Burnley highlights, and something exciting is that both he and Scammacca clearly have an eye for the spectacular. Only Lanzini is really any good at shooting from range for us, so these additions feel like they give us some extra dimensions. As a defender, it’s easy to make the choice to back off Fornals or Antonio and let them shoot from range, but you have to press out on these new guys, which will open pockets of space for them to slide in the likes of Bowen.
  • Antonio from range is anything beyond the spot.
  • He really loves Umbro

    Big influence on why he signed here

  • His face in the first pic says "I've got to go to Burnley??" Seems happier coming to us ;)
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    “I see Maxwel giving me a couple of different options. He plays off the left and I’ve watched him play off the right at Lyon, he scored quite a lot of goals off the right. Hopefully he can do that for us and we’ll give him the chance to do so.”
  • Yea sounds like he is coming in to take Benrahmas spot in the XI

    Think he's going to be an exciting signing
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