Academy & PL2 2022/23

As always, I thought we'd have a nice thread for Academy and PL2 sides this year.

The big news is that our U19s just beat Spurs in the Next Gen Final 8-0. The bigger news is that the OS has Nathan Trott listed as number 25, which is a #NumberChange for all you squad number fans, #Squaddies.


  • Callum Marshall looks to be one to watch. Scored four of the eight against Spurs and got a hat-trick in the previous game too, I believe. From the highlights I've watched, he looks to be a natural finisher.

    The obvious caveat is that we've had this with Perkins and Odubeko recently, and over the years with Freddie Sears, Elliot Lee, Rob Hall etc., so youth team performances are rarely indicative of a successful top flight career.
  • Yeah he definitely looks a talent so far. But it’s all about how he trains, how he develops, and then whether they get opportunities to play
  • I’d love to see one or two come through. I know Ben and Rice have done it but it’s a very hard road.
    Remember that Cole,Carrick bunch that came through? Great to see.
    It’s just a different game now, managers have to win,win, win or they’re out so are loathe to take a chance on a kid.
  • Slacker 👍

    I think it's also important to celebrate the success of the academy even when they don't make it with us.

    Over the past 10-15 years you've had Dan Potts, George Moncur, Elliot Lee, Olly Lee, Freddie Sears, Josh Cullen, Junior Stanlislas, Reece Oxford, Reece Burke, and probably more that have come through and gone on to forge really good careers in the EFL or further afield.
  • I agree Alderz but it’s always a bit sad for me to see our really good prospects not quite make it with us.
  • Oh, definitely. I would much rather they made it with us than elsewhere. I just take the wins where I can see them, and I like that our academy continues to contribute to football in this country even when players don't make it with us.
  • I was impressed by the U 18 result. Intelligent passing that made the spurs defence look like donkeys.
  • u21's losing 3-1 to Fulham, Ogbonna looking to get another 90 mins in, but unfortunately gave the ball away cheaply for Fulham's 3rd.
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