Kids kits free to a good home.

Hi all I have a few junior kits that my boy has grown out of. Rather than throwing them away Id rather send them out to other hammers. Is there anyone on here that has children that might like one?
Sizes are 5-7 yrs, SB and YS.
Free of charge btw.


  • My oldest daughter would love a kit of her own but she is 10 by now and I have no idea how my youngest will turn out. She is currently 9 months. Possibly she will be getting a baby brother soon but we don't know, yet, and it will be a while before he can wear kits that size.
    Also, the postage to Germany might be a little high.
  • My boy is 9 and outgrown them so doubtful your 10 year old would fit in them.
    Yeah postage to Germany is probably more than the kits are worth I guess.
    I tend to get my boys kits from DH gate. They are fakes but spot on replicas with tags and everything.
    Only about £10
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