Calling season ticket holders


I haven't posted on the forums in a long, long time but I have been lurking.

A year ago, I relocated up north and now live in Newcastle. Unfortunately, it's too far for me to go for home games, and I was desperate to see Newcastle vs West Ham last season but I couldn't secure tickets in the away end.

Since I'm not a season ticket holder, it's virtually impossible for me to get away tickets unless for the NEW vs WHU match on Sat 10th Sep (unless I buy them second hand). I don't want to be scammed, so rather than buying from a stranger on Ebay (or a similar website), I wondered whether I could buy the away ticket from someone from this forum who I'd trust far more.

If anyone would be able to do that, I'd be interested in a ticket (ideally 2 so I could bring my friend along). Please let me know if anyone could kindly help. Thanks in advance!


  • I'll be in the UK in for August. I've just looked at the fixtures and the only one I could go to would be the opening game 😂 .

    Highly unlikely anyone would have a spare ticket ( as you'll all be wanting to see Man City's stars) but in case anyone is away on their hols or anything....
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