Further Planned Site Maintenance. Thursday 17 February.

UPDATE, 14 Feb. The site will have to go offline for a while on Thursday morning.
Probably 9-10am, maybe a little longer.
Get your Wordle in early!

Be aware that, if you are checking back, it might look live - but that could be a temporary thing and it could disappear again in the blink of an eye.

I'd advise you not to try posting anything until I sound the all clear.


  • Will this mean the return of the ;fishslap emoji?
  • edited January 12
    Not immediately.

    This is phase 2 of an ongoing thing.

    Next stage will be additional functionality (like moving posts and making the new member process better) and migrating to a new server.

    Fishslaps will, I think, be part of stage 4. (Emojis and other frills B) )
  • Info updated.
  • It still has us losing to Leeds I have that blocked from my memory, is this an update glitch ?
  • Well done Mrs G and everyone involved. Once again I know I speak for everyone when I say thanks for keeping this site a float
  • Thanks guys.

    Another brief down time planned for Thursday morning.
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