• Welcome Kurt ,
  • yay great signing
  • Improves our first team gives us extra pace and quality at the back
  • Great signing.
  • Great signing, especially given the shaky defending today.
  • Fantastic signing, should go straight in next game replacing Dawson imho.
  • Considering we have always been a club good with our set pieces to have a defender who is renowned for his heading ability. A great addition.
  • Just casually slips on a West Ham top during dinner to do this:
  • Just got to hope Yarmo doesn’t injure him in the France v Ukraine qualifying game next week.
  • Zouma is a Hammer ,Zouma is a Hammer.Now everyone Zouma is a Hammer Zouma is a Hammer .Okay now just me again Zouma is a Hammer ,Zouma is a Hammer.............And yes i have had one or two if you get my drift
  • Quality addition, Chelsea fans all saying good things

    Things he needs to work on but adds real athleticism to a back line that is lacking it, is the perfect age and experience for what he offers, expecting good things

    Two quality additions so far, let's try and make that at least 3
  • I think this signing is down to our performance last season, I couldn't see a player of his calibre coming from Chelsea had we finished 16th. Rice will know all about him through his Chelsea mates and would have no doubt relayed what he was told to Moyes.
  • Great.

    Ye doubters, learn from this.
  • Well done Moysie / GSB. a great signing. Can we now have an attacker or 2 please?
  • Hopefully Kurt can guide young Issa and help him develop too
  • edited August 2021
    A good signing.

    I was never overly convinced by him, but he is definitely better than Dawson & has come from a successful club, so will bring winning mentality & seems a good character. Happy to trust Moyes in relation to his ability.

    Hopefully he can slot in next to Ogbonna & I would be delighted if him & Diop could become our longer term pairing.
  • What I like is that a big complaint is that our back 4 lack athleticism, specifically pace

    Zouma has that in abundance, think he'd be a good foil with Ogbonna as he can compensate for Angelos lack of pace

    Also we are trying to play a higher line with the 4231 then we did with a back 5, a bit more control on the ball and it's leaving us a bit exposed, his recovery pace will be key
  • I don't know what we are paying him but I hope it's more than Chelsea so he can afford a new pair of jeans.

  • Will wear number 4, for those of you who like that sort of thing
  • Lukerz said:

    Will wear number 4, for those of you who like that sort of thing

    What? with those jeans =)
  • Lukerz said:

    Will wear number 4, for those of you who like that sort of thing

    @OCS @Alderz
  • 👍

    Spreadsheet updated

  • He had one but it fell through the whole in his jeans
  • 👍

    Spreadsheet updated

    I assumed 4 and he was already in the spreadsheet as such, but it’s nice to have it confirmed
  • I like how smug you sound at the idea of correctly anticipating a player’s squad number on your spreadsheet.
  • Yeah, I mean, when you put it like that my life sounds pretty empty, actually
  • Brilliant signing
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