Caribao Cup v Man U 3rd round

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  • Away to Man U.
  • Carabou Cup draw, away to Man Utd
  • The Jesse Lingard derby
  • Away to Utd in the Carabao cup. Not the greatest of draws
  • yoyo said:

    Away to Utd in the Carabao cup. Not the greatest of draws

    Lingard to score the winner… but who for, Chris Kamara?
  • Couple of days after we play them at home in the league.
  • Funny how often that happens. ( Not us v Man U but matches generally)
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    No chance Man Utd will field anything like their first eleven, but then again nor will we so it could go anywhere.

    Lingard will get a run out if he is still there however
  • candbsky, We can utilise the strength in depth within the squad. =)
  • At least it'll be on the box having been drawn against manure
  • Its funny as now we're in Europe I'm not really that bothered about this cup. Obviously would like to win it but not overly worried about it. I think I'm turning elitist.
  • The last 8 have been won by elitist clubs so I think you need to change your thinking. 😁
  • don't forget they are below us in the league :surprised:
  • Going to this one.
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