Italy v Spain

No one has spoken about this game, but it could be important for England.
I am taking Italy to win (and yes I do have a financial stake in the result - drawn Italy in the office sweep). Have watched all the games and am excited about their play (less so about their play acting). They have gone for the goals, even when ahead, and possibly the most entertaining team in the tournament. I will need to take Monday off, if Italy were to beat England in the final 🤣


  • Aren't Italy playing against Spain
  • Yeah, my bad, It should read Italy vs Spain but I can't edit it
  • Is this the thread for the Finals started early? Bold prediction and possible:)
  • I'll edit it.
  • I think Italy will win.

    But - if we get past Denmark (big if tbh) - I would rather face Spain. They are far more beatable.

    Though if Spain just beat scary Italy then maybe they become more scary? Idk man. I’m not used to this. The only final in my living memory is the 2006 FA Cup and I didn’t like that at all!
  • Spain is my work sweepstake so it would be a nice little back-up for Spain v England to be the final.
  • Can't be Spain, they haven't played our Pablo have they
  • Forza Italia !!! 🇮🇹
  • I'm cheering for Spain. We have a Spanish bar/restaurant in my town and all the staff are Spanish. I want to watch an England V Spain final in there. It'll be good banter and atmosphere. (plus Italy look very good so would rather avoid)
  • I hope Italy win tonight. Should England get past Denmark tomorrow (and I hope they do as that would be a great birthday present) then I'd rather play Italy than Spain.
    The Spanish strikers have been as bad as our defenders have been good and I just know that we could reach the final having conceded 0, play against a team that has struggled to score and then they suddenly find their scoring boots and blow us out of the water.
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    I think England (providing they get past Denmark) will do better v Italy that Spain.
  • Forza Italia !!! 🇮🇹

    Favourite footballer: Bobby Baggio
    Favourite football era: Serie A in the 90’s
    Favourite football tournament: Italia 90

    And this team put all the defensive stereo types to bed.. playing free flowing , fast, forward thinking football.. you love to see it 👀
  • Dino Zoff, Paulo Rossi, Tardelli, all great Italian players from long ago.
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    Viva Espana 🇪🇸
    All day long for me…
  • I want Spain but I expect Italy will get through.
  • The stakes could hardly be higher. Two evenly matched teams going head-to-head to see who gets to play Denmark in the final.
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    Spain playing without a centre forward

    Are they West Ham is disguise?
  • Chelsea have players in both tonight’s teams and possibly both of tomorrow’s.
  • Forza Italia !!! Italy 🇮🇹
  • Spain have now effectively played a game more than England or Denmark and Italy have also played an hour more. Tired legs im the final?
  • Guys going for Oscars, ATM.
  • They’ve got 5 days before the final.
  • Aren't awards being given away in Cannes at the moment?

    And the golden raspberry for Immobile? That would be hilarious 😂
  • Italy on pens
  • That final penalty was cheeky. 😂
    Wembley is not a good place for Spain and penalty shootouts.
  • Is this the thread for the Finals started early? Bold prediction and possible:)

    I am now officially worried
  • I don't think tiredness will effect Italy for the final, they have one more days rest than their opponents ( I wanted to say US! )
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