Has anyone got or used a Chromebook?

The title says it all really. I've got a couple of laptops, one which is mainly for work and the other for personal use. My personal use one has a damaged screen, and it's about time I replaced it. It's mostly just used for browsing and streaming stuff such as footie and other sports, certainly no gaming. I have come to seriously dislike Microsoft, kinda accepting it as a necessary evil for my work laptop, but just wondered about people's experience of Chromebooks as a viable alternative for personal use that won't need Office or related products, particularly with respect to any streaming that they've used one for.


  • I have used one in the past, but I've never owned one. I don't remember it being wildly different to Microsoft, though. I have a macbook currently, and it's definitely the bet laptop I've ever had.
  • Mrs E has a Samsung book jobby and likes it very much
  • I've got a Slatebook, it comes with a free stick of chalk.
  • Background - I have not personally used any ChromeOS devcies, but I am a professional Systems Engineer.

    From your requirements, browsing no problem - in fact, it should be very good as it's based on Chromium, my platform of choice and MS Edge is now Chromium based it's become so universal.

    Streaming is your potential issue - you really need to check with your preferred streamers if they support ChromeOS. For instance, it doesn't look to me like Sky Go does. BBC iPlayer explicitly does. It's a mixed bag.

    If you're interested in the reasons, it tends to be that the Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology is not fully implemented on open source systems because it is propriety. Therefore commercial streamers don't like you using it. ChromeOS is not strictly open source, but it's based on an OS that is.
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