Next 8 Games (GW 30 - 38)

My thunder has been stolen slightly by the "Final 8" thread, BUT, I'm making this anyway!

This is a continuation of the "what is the minimum number of acceptable points" thread that grey started a few years back.

If you want to see the previous 8 games they are here:

Our next 8 games are:

11/04 - Leicester - Home
17/04 - Newcastle - Away
24/04 - Chelsea - Home
01/05 - Burnley - Away
08/05 - Everton - Home
11/05 - Brighton - Away
15/05 - West Brom - Away
23/05 - Southamtpon - Home

For me, I think 14 is a good target again. I know that our last 8 fixtures were harder (on paper), but with Rice and Antonio missing for at least a few of them I think it makes the games much trickier.

Remember, this isn't a prediction. It's basically saying what you think is par for the course.


  • I think we should be looking for 15 points which will be acceptable for me.
  • These same fixtures last season got us 12 points. if we reached that ten based on last season we would finish 5th, 2 points behind Chelsea in 4th (if only we had kept that lead against Arsenal)

    However, with our achievements this season I will go as follows:

    11/04 - Leicester - Home - draw
    17/04 - Newcastle - Away - win
    24/04 - Chelsea - Home - loss
    01/05 - Burnley - Away - win
    08/05 - Everton - Home - draw
    11/05 - Brighton - Away - win
    15/05 - West Brom - Away - win
    23/05 - Southamtpon - Home - win

    That adds up to 17 points and would leave us on an incredible 69 points.

    But - that is only if Lingard can play and we have no more key injuries. If Lingards discomfort yesterday ends up in him not playing for 2-3 weeks then I would be happy with 14 points. Anything less than last year's 12 points would be an extremely disappointing end to the season.
  • Lingard had cramp. If he had more serious issues he would not have been made available for the interviews imo.
  • If we have serious ambitions for top six:

    11/04 - Leicester - Home - Accept a point
    17/04 - Newcastle - Away - Expect three points
    24/04 - Chelsea - Home - Reluctantly accept no points
    01/05 - Burnley - Away - Expect three points
    08/05 - Everton - Home - Accept a point
    11/05 - Brighton - Away - Expect three points
    15/05 - West Brom - Away - Expect three points
    23/05 - Southampton - Home - Expect three points

    So I would say 17 points is a minimum for me to be happy, considering where we are and what's at stake. Plenty of caveats (is Antonio out for a while, when is Rice back etc.) but we have to aim high if want Europe.
  • I think that 17 as a minimum is going to leave some people disappointed. I hope not, but the injuries are very troubling, IMO.
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    I forgot the question actually. I think 14/15 is the minimum acceptable points. I think we can/should get 18.
  • I'd be very happy with 16. 13 or less I'll be quite disappointed (but not really surprised).
  • We're currently averaging 1.73 points per game, and if we carry that on for these eight games we'll get another 13/14 points and finish with 65/66 points (depending if you're rounding up or down). The average points tally for 6th place is 64, so if we carry on as we are, we're on course for a Europa League place.

    So based on that maybe my minimum of 17 points is a bit ambitious.
  • I think the last 3 games skew my thinking, as I think all of them will be playing for nothing (Brighton/Saints safe, WBA down). That would mean I would only be happy with 9 points from those 3 alone, given the motivations of both sides.

    So I would say, with a fully fit squad, 15 points would be my acceptable amount. However, less than that & I still won’t be too hard on the side.
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    I’d normally say about 13, but looking at the last 5 games, none of those teams will have much to play for, so we may get as many as another 6; so 19!

    Although, we have had a great season already, so I’m happy just enjoying my football for the next few weeks.

  • 15 points would be good, 17 excellent.
  • 24 :) mainly as that is what I always put as my meds need to be restocked clearly :P
  • 23 points would make me 😃
  • It would alarm the PL because it’s not possible.
  • It would alarm the PL because it’s not possible.

    Well spotted 😁
  • I had predicted 18 way back in the days, but with two key players out I think we'll scrap our way to 14 points. Happy with 16.
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