West Ham v Leicester 2.05pm Sunday 11th April (On SKY)



  • steve said:

    Bring Ogbonna on after we let a 3 goal lead turn into 3-2just to finish it out

    I think he’ll start today.
  • IronHerb said:

    However did we get by when there were only 7 subs allowed?  🤷‍♂️

    Wasn't that long ago we were only allowed 5 subs....
  • Rumour on a Leicester forum that Maddison, Perez & Choudhury have been left out of today’s squad due to ‘behind the scenes’ issues (possible COVID party). 🤔
  • Maddison not playing would be a good thing. Can Tielemans, Vardy, Iheanacho and Ndidi have a party quickly?
  • Maybe when Maddison was doing his social distancing goal celebration for the world to see was I’m a footballer I can do what I want, glad he isn’t one of us
  • That news will be well handy if it's true
  • Rumours true, mass exodus from Leicester squad
  • We have one change, Bowen in for Antonio
  • That Leicester bench is a bit O.o
  • No Lanzini on the bench, I presume he's injured? I can't recall. Apart from Benrahma we're a bit short of attacking options if we're chasing the game
  • Mark Noble - 400th appearance today. Unlikely to see that again, unless Rice....🤞
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    Looking further ahead, saint-maximin has come back from injury and is really turning it on. and another tormentor of ours, wilson, is also back from injury...
  • Can we be pessimistic about one game at a time?
  • Lukerz said:

    Rumours true, mass exodus from Leicester squad

    Lukerz, I can't find any confirmation of this, do you have any links?
  • Big congrats to Noble. A proud achievement
  • Cautious optimism for another committed performance and a fair share of the breaks = Come on you Irons
  • COYI, looking for a good performance.

    Hoping for not a loss.
  • If we win this I will start to believe we might sneak into the Champions League. Which is scary.
  • Wouldn't it be a great story if we got there in Nobes's final season.
  • James collins in the studio ,And no Karen carvey in slight good times
  • They have come into it after some early pressure
  • Could have been worse than a yellow
  • Really wish Bowen stayed on his feet more

    Just falls over looking for a foul
  • To be fair, I count 3 decisions that I think other teams would have had already. They’re playing the man and the officials don’t care.
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    The one on Lingard by Fofana was a foul 99 times out of 100, for sure
  • We're not looking bad. The final pass is sometimes lacking
  • Even first 20

    Not much to separate it

    Good football from both but we are cancelling each other out
  • yoyo said:

    We're not looking bad. The final pass is sometimes lacking

    We’re definitely missing a physical presence up top - Fofana would have most strikers for breakfast, but you’d think Antonio would give him a rough afternoon - but otherwise I think we’ve looked decent.
  • Noble out-muscles Vardy, zimmer frame v zimmer frame
  • Metal on metal....not studs, I mean hips!
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