Champions League Reforms

I've long been an opponent of the Champions League in its current format, primarily as it's anything but what the name suggests. For many years it was almost the exclusive reserve of Man Utd, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool, until Man City and Spurs gatecrashed the party and it became a perm 4 from 6 (or perhaps 4 from 5 as Arsenal don't really seem to be there any more), Leicester being the only exception I can think of for a number of years.

What grates (and this was particularly so before Man City and Spurs joined the club) is that being a "Champions League" club became almost self-perpetuating; the closed shop of members not only had a big financial boost by playing in the CL, but they could basically guarantee CL football to potential signings meaning they were also the only clubs able to recruit the best players. At least when it was the European Cup, and only the previous season's champions were admitted, there could never be a guarantee of playing in the European Cup, as our domestic league was much more competitive than "just be in the top 4 in any order".

So, I'm hugely opposed to the so called "Champions League", but now they're taking it so, so much further. Proposals discussed today would mean that, because Spurs have played in the CL a few times recently, that would enable them to play in next season's competition even if we or Everton finished ahead of them. Absolutely beyond belief, and this must, must, must not be allowed to happen or the CL will be even harder to break into, as achieving a qualifying position on merit would no longer be sufficient if you had no history to go with it (and obviously, if you're not allowed to play, how do you get history?).


  • It suggests in that article that it is only one of several proposals, but you are completely right that it can’t be allowed. It essentially lays the ground work for the European Super League that seems to be a growing inevitability.
  • If this did happen it would be unfair to say the least.
  • Don't really have any issue on mixing up the format RE. The style

    But the qualifying should be the same

    I agree it'll ruin the prem, makes the top 4 race completely redundant and means there is no goal for the other teams, nothing to aim for

    Ridiculous decision
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