Next season has to be better surely

So apart from staying up and beating spurs twice, what else do people think will be a good season.


  • Getting the stadiums full.
  • I'm personally not ready to say what I think a good season is just yet. Until we see some movement in the transfer window by us and others, it's hard to judge.

    That said, for me, we underachieved this year. My expectations were that we would be at least a comfortable mid table side, probably top half. So I guess a successful season is to meet those expectations next year.
  • More of the same under Moyes that has been on show the games since Wolves

    Would like to see a team that works hard and plays for the shirt, for the last couple years weve ranked among the bottom 2 for distance travelled. Under Moyes we know when and how to press better and are making up the yards. We have looked our fittest under both of Moyes half season spells then we did under Pellegrini and slav

    Think Soucek has made us stronger, we dont look like the opposition can just waltz through our midfield like they did under Pellegrini

    I like that we have a style, a philosophy of how we want to play. It may not be the prettuest but you get the impression that under Pellegrini and Slav there wasnt much cohesion and the team didnt look like they knew what the manager wanted them to do

    Will have to wait to see our transfer activity, but the sounds out the club that we are moving towards younger hungrier players is a step in the right direction

    The main thing will be to get a comfy mid table position where we arent threatened by relegation and think that is well within our ability with the right buys
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    IronHerb said:

    Getting the stadiums full.

    What and watch that, that was served up on the last day
    I would rather trim millwalls pitch up with scissors
  • Finish 5th from bottom would be progress =)
  • imagelost said:

    IronHerb said:

    Getting the stadiums full.

    What and watch that, that was served up on the last day
    I would rather trim millwalls pitch up with scissors
    What did you expect on the last day? Most said we’d play like we’re on the beach and when we do they moan.
  • imagelost said:

    IronHerb said:

    Getting the stadiums full.

    What and watch that, that was served up on the last day
    I would rather trim millwalls pitch up with scissors
    The team had as a whole just played a tonne of matches in a short time after a huge break, they played their socks off in most of those games and secured our position in the league without it going to the last game.
    I for one didn't think it a surprise that in a game which would have zero impact on anything that they decided to take it easy and avoid any chance of injuries or the like.

    They had already done the job that was needed this season.
  • First 9 games: 12 points
    Last 9 games: 12 points
    Games 10-19: 7 points
    Games 20-29: 8 points

    Maybe squad depth is an issue. We started the season well, we ended the season well (after a break) but once we got into the winter months we started to drop off in form. 15 points from 20 games really is bottom 3 form. Yet we got 24 points from the other 18 (mid table form).
  • What we really need to have a successful season is a relatively injury free one. You take 5 players out of any midtable or lower sides match day 18 and they will struggle.

    In the period of time Lukerz is talking about we lost Fabianski twice, Antonio, Fredericks, Anderson, Wilshere, Yarmolenko, Haller, Lanzini, and we hadn't yet signed Soucek or Bowen.

    Wolves, by comparison, lost Willy Boly for a period of time. Sheffield United lost Jack O'Connell for a few games.

    Wolves had 5 players (Patricio, Coady, Jimenez, Moutinho, Neves) who played more than 3,000 minutes this season (roughly 88% of total minutes).

    Sheffield United had 6 (Baldock, Stevens, Basham, Henderson, Egan, Norwood).

    We had one.

    Pound for pound, on paper, we have a better squad than most teams in the league, but we can't usually get them on the pitch. We manage that, and we have a successful season, IMO.
  • We started the season playing well, Fabianski then got injured and in came Roberto, we forget the number of errors he made that not only cost us points but killed the confidence throughout the team. Players became scared to make a mistake and I think that this had a big effect on players like Anderson who stopped trying to take on players and opted for the safe pass sideways. This resulted in a loss of form and Pellegrini was not able to change it. So change of manager, then the long break in the season, but Moyes has got the confidence back. We do have a good squad, if players have their confidence and form back. Just need to sort out the full backs. I have confidence that we could have a good season starting September.
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    Alderz - which goes back to the old question: do we just have inadequate facilities/medical department? Or do we sign more fragile players? Or are we just unlucky?

    Wolves have barely had an injury in over 2 years.
  • In my opinion, it is unlikely to see a team regularly perform poorly in the injury tables without there being a cause. The more often we have injury crises the less likely it is that it is down to just luck.

    We have consistently bought players that have a history of injury problems, but we have also had players get bad injuries that are unusual for them. Anecdotally, we know from Andy Carroll, for example, that the medical department have made some strange decisions over time.

    That said, we also know that the medical team changed a couple of years ago when we hired Gary Lewin - someone who had had a very successful career with Arsenal and England.

    We've upgraded our training facilities also, so it's hard to point to any one thing in particular, but it is definitely a record we need to improve on.
  • Sometimes it's just the players

    City have the best training complex in the world yet the likes of Laporte, KDB, Stones, Aguero, Mendy etc have spells out almost every season through injuries
  • I would just appreciate a season where after 30 games we are well clear of relegation and no chance of getting dragged into it like this past season...these close call seasons are no good for the health!
  • Like every pre-season i have no high expectations.
    "A pessimist is never disappointed"......and don't call me surely. =)
  • No it really doesn’t, truly
  • Overhaul the team and actually qualify for Europe via our league position or a cup win. After taking my medication I have reviewed the above and believe a more realistic prediction would be to finish between 10-14 with no threat of relegation.
  • Midtable with the same manager at the end of the season and without a player throwing a huge hissy fit would be a welcome change after the last five seasons.
  • Getting to the end of the season without an ulcer!
  • Next season has to be better surely.

    Yep, with a bit of luck. Coyi
  • It surely will be better. Fitter players who are expected to put a real shift in. Maybe not as pretty, but the squad has enough ballers to score some West Ham class goals. Mid-table better.
    .... or maybe not
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