And you thought being relegated on 0.2 of a point would have been bad ?

Try being relegated on 0.002 of a point.

My local club just got relegated from the National League. Interesting to note too had the Stockport game got cancelled instead of going ahead they would have remained in the league. Crazy.


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    Wigan are trying to ensure they avoid relegation even if they do incur a 12 point deduction (7-0) before half time v Hull City!
  • O.o
    I don't now what that is. I was going for a ;nonono hashtag gobsmacked
  • If the league enforce the 12 points deduction Wigan would currently be outside the relegation zone on goal difference, theirs is 0 Hull's is -25 with 14 of those goals being purely on tonights game!
  • It’s changed to +1 and -26
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    as much as I still hold a grudge against wigan for their part in our misfortune, you have to be impressed with how they are trying to put this behind them and stay in the championship despite the points drop.
  • Or Hull were utterly useless.
  • We took their best player!
  • From the look of that scoreline we took their ONLY player
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