site getting there slowly.

there are stilll a few glitches, and I have still to set up the emoticons.


  • Loving the “new” layout :)
  • You have done a great job getting the site back when it looked all was lost so sorry to nitpick but is there any chance of getting the print on the time and date on the comments any bolder?
    Mike <3
  • Hi Grey, any idea why I can't upload my avatar? It seems some posters have got theirs back and others haven't.
  • still trying to sort it...
  • Cheers for efforts Grey
  • users should be able to upload a new picture now.
  • edited July 2020
    I'm sure all of us are just happy to have a great site like this available to Ham said, we all appreciate your efforts esp when health is most important...Take care to you and Mrs Grey... <3
  • Grey, fantastic work and truly appreciated.
    You definitely deserve a few hand clap reactions, oh........ ;)
  • still getting to that one - wished we had a whistle smiley...
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