Other games 14/15/16th Dec

Perfect football weekend so far.

West Ham won :phew: (I want Pelle out but I want us to get points more)

Chelsea will now be nervously looking over their shoulders in 4th place after another loss and seeing their cushion disappear

Leicester only drew with Norwich (and playing City next week so one or both going to drop points)

Liverpool cruising to the title with yet another 3 points :scarfeng: What could possibly go wrong


  • Unbiased refereeing??
  • Mane and Salah both got blown over by the wind today in the box. I felt sure the ref was going to give one of them a pen. Put your feet up at the club world thingy. I'll miss you :puzzled:
  • Arsenal v Man Citeh

    Kevin De Bruyne is in a class of his own :bowdown:
  • Just watched Arsenal/ Man City.Arsenal we’re so so bad, I still can’t believe that we lost to them.
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    Of the seasons games thus far, the Arsenal one will stay in my mind as they were there for the taking, still feel angry about it
  • So was anyone else miffed, bfs fields youth team vs Forest we lose 5-0 and it’s a disgrace, Liverpool field youth team vs Villa after decision not to include more experienced squad players lose 5-0 and get universal praise, go figure :hmm:
  • If they'd had help scheduling and not having to play in Qatar the next day then it would be easier to draw comparison with other incidents. IMO this timing basically made Liverpool pick which fixture they played with their first team squad and has led to them having to sacrifice the cup tie with Villa.

    If this (by some miracle!) happened to WHU then I reckon people would be miffed by those circumstances
  • They could have mixed the squads though?
  • alderz said:

    They could have mixed the squads though?

    Surely thats a compromise that could dilute both and end up winning neither game. I can't remember a scenario like it and I think its an unfair position they were put in. A sort of punishment for success

    #unbiased Liverpool comment ;)
  • I think it was definitely unprecedented. But, for example, Adrian didn’t get off the bench in Qatar. Why give a child keeper a start and not him?
  • What if Alisson got crocked? :nonono:
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