Women's World Cup

The Lionesses seem to have started well against Scotland. I am delighted the tournament is getting good coverage on the BBC.


  • 2-1 to English :bowdown:
  • England were very much holding on the second half. first half was excellent but second was poor
  • Not going to win the cup with that standard. Have seen the women play a lot better than that. At the end of the day its the 3 points that matter.

    Should go through and beat Argentina. Japan will be a good game a very possession based side but not unbeatable.
  • Not sure what to make of the US thrashing Thailand 13-0, a part of me is impressed that the US team kept up the pressure, a part of me feels that it shows the tournament is to widely inclusive.

    It makes the Scottish league look competitive ;)
  • Another decent win tonight.
    Perhaps just missing the cutting edge to put teams away.
  • Thailand's keeper is possibly their best player, it's the rest of the team that is pants (or should that be knickers as it's girlie football? Suze, Mrs G, help me out)
  • Another good goal!
  • And another.
  • England V Cameroon.

    England have 2 goals, 1 elbow in the face, 1 player being spat at.

    Cameroon letting the women’s game down by not understanding offside, VAR or how to conduct yourself on the field of play. Emulating the men’s game perfectly :doh:

    At half time the Cameroon players crying racism was the reason England’s second goal stood not that it was actually on side. At a time when Europe is marching to the right this is truly appalling :angry:

    The refereeing has been really weak.
  • Cameroon goal disallowed.

    The referee has got to get a grip on this game.

    The behaviour of the Cameroon players is disgraceful.
  • That God penalty wasn't given, all hell would have broken loose.
  • It was a foul and therefore a pen but the England players aren’t having a melt down.
  • A weak Ref and Cameroon are a disgrace.
  • Phil Neville, I couldn't agree with you more.
  • jolly good show and all that
  • England win 3-0. Played really well.
  • It was a fab game :wahoo:
  • Another great performance. We'll done Lionesses!
  • I’ve watched quite a few of the matches and enjoyed them,I think as long as you don’t expect top class football it’s good to watch.I thought at first that it was just England who’s distribution was poor but it seems that they all give the ball away a lot.
    Having said that I’m gripped by it now and am willing our girls to go on and win it.
  • Nearly all the matches have been enjoyable just so long as you view it as a separate sport and not football as we are used to watching it.
  • Yeah, nothing like top class football.

    Very little diving, not enough fouls, hardly any arguing with the ref (apart from Cameroon).
  • Semi final time.

  • Come :scarfeng:
  • USA score.

    Not great defending.

    Eng 0-1 USA
  • That Millie Bright has been woeful all tournament.
  • Yeah she's deffo a weak link. Is it me or is the sound in the stadium weird.
  • Goal :wahoo:

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    Ellen White. Fox in the box...
  • Great save.

    This is very stressful.

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