Change to how smileys work

I finally worked out how to use our smileys with the integrated button on the new toolbar.

That works just as it ever did - click a smiley to insert it into the post.

The short cut, however is slightly different.

In place of ;nameofsmiley it is now :nameofsmiley:

You should find that if you type : you will see a popup suggestion box with some smileys in it.

Typing a letter after the : will show some of the smileys starting with that letter.

I haven't included all the old smileys in the drop down box, but they are nearly all available via the shortcut method.

So, :hippo: results in :hippo:

If you have smileys you would like included, either in the drop-down menu, or just in the shortcut one. let me know.

I'll post a link to the names of smileys not in the drop-down box in a while.

It does mean that smileys previously posted won't display properly. I'm working on sorting that.


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